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My spoiled cats.

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I can never go to the pet food store without looking at toys. Today I finally bought a laser chase light. They went crazy! I had them running up and down the stairs, trying to find that pesky little red bug!!!

I took pity on them, because they were really confused about never being able to catch anything, and ended the game with the light coming to rest on a few treats. I think after all of the activity, a couple of treats won't hurt.

This should be fun, I can just sit and be the lazy one for a change. I'm tired of running to chase cat toys that they fling down the stairs.

It took Sam a couple of minutes to get interested, he sat and watched for a bit. Bailey, on the other hand, went nuts right away, and ran after the light, meowing. I was laughing the whole time!
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I've never seen such a toy! Sounds like fun and something Peaches would like too! I'm wondering about safety though. Does it say anything about that in the packaging? Because I know lasers can be very bad for the eyes.
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all my cats love it,and if you never shine it in their eyes you will never hurt your cats.
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I have seen that before..my cats go crazy over it too..it's those kind of laser pointers that we use in teaching class. well, there are certain precautions to take while using that though..always shine it on the floor and never into their eyes and always be sure that your confused kitties would not bump into anything while chasing the light though my two fellas can be chasing them until they bump hard into chairs and tables and they are just so excited about it that they forget all abt pain and stuff like that, so pls be careful.
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I was in the Dollar store today looking for something cheap to use as a lure on the end of a line for my kitty and came across something I wish I had thought of.
It is a simple cheap tape measure that rewinds when you push the button. On the end of it the attached a little fur mouse. Chewy went wild with it for about 15 minutes. Even after I just hooked it around a chair leg cause I was getting tired of throwing it out....lol What a simple idea, dam why couldn't it have been mine.
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i know what you mean about the store, i get a toy at least once a week, i got one of those tape measures and blackie and stripey went nuts, they would just get so mad when it would go in to bad there isnt a shop here close that had some fun cheap cat toys, some of them toys are jsut to expensive. oh well
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Spike loves the laser pointer, and will search the ground if I ask him where the "red dot" is.
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Well, Sam is too smart.

Bailey is running around like a mad fool, wondering where the red dot is going next. Sam sits and watches, he's paying close attention, but not joining in. Then he strolls over to me, reaches up, and pats the hand that's holding the toy, wanting to have a look. He figured out that's where the dot is coming from! Now that's deductive reasoning. And I thought he was just a big ol' lazy cat!!!
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I got a great laser beam thingy from Whiskas. It's pink and shaped like a cat!! So cool. But it said on the packet about how it had a special protective layer so it wouldn't harm the cat's eyes.

Otis loves it but the best toy is blowing bubbles. Otis and Willow both go mad for them. It is so much fun to watch. Especially outside in the garden when the wind blows them and the run all over the place.
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Oh, I got bubble blowing supplies. I open the bottle, the cats take one look and run away very fast.
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Socks doesn't react to the laser pointer much anymore (I guess she's figured out she's not going to catch it...) but she loves it when I blow bubbles!
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I have been thinking about getting one of those laser lights for my purrbabies. I just didn't know whether they would actually like sometihng like this. It seems that other cats like it so maybe my boys will. I am going to see if there is one at my local petshop.
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Well, I knew that Bailey would like it, she loves to play. I was not sure about Sam, he likes things he can play with when he is lying on his side - so only stuff he can reach from that one position.

He loves it, I even had him running after it this morning. Or, not running, exactly, but kind of loping, faster than a walk. And now he's all full of energy and meowing and chasing bailey around trying to get her to play more.
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