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Noche is a Stinky-Poo...literally!

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Noche is a 3yr old neutred male...a really big male...vet says he's in perfect health aside from being a bit overweight. We've only had him a month, his last owner must've fed him...constantly!

Anyway- he uses his litterbox consistently- and he has his own, but he refuses to cover his poo! Or his urine for that matter but that part doesn't stink as bad. We clean his box daily...we have too! We've switched brands of litter and it didn't help.

Any ideas why he doesn't burry his business?

Our whole house reeks of cat butt!

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I've read that cats that were taken from their moms too young, did not learn to cover their waste. That could be the reason, but I'm not sure how to teach a cat to do that! I'm sure many people here will have suggestions though ...
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That's true - very often cats that have been seperated from their moms at too early an age have problems with the proper routine of litter box use.

Actually, there's very little you can do to "teach the cat" to cover up. What you could instead is clean the litter box even more often and maybe consider buying a self cleaning litter box.
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Esper isn't terrific at covering up her business either but it doesn't stink out the whole house.

I remember when I first got Russell and even though he covered up his business, it stunk out half the house. He went to a vet for a check up and it was found that he had worms. In my case when the worms were gone, so was the smell.
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Thankfully I'm pretty sure that he doesn't have worms...he's been to the vet recently and was given a clean bill of health...he just had a 'once over' though...what do they do to check for worms?

Separated from his mother too early...that's certainly possible, we know nothing about his history. And actually, he does show some other signs of early separation- like over vocalization- this poor cat never stops talking! Fortunately he doesn't seem to have any other behavioral issues like biting or inappropriate aggression.

I think we'll try the self-cleaning litter box- eventually- YIKES! Those things are expensive!

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To check for worms they must have a "sample" from the litter box. This has to be looked at under a microscope.

As for a littermaid, check the newspapers, or pennysavers. I bought one the other day for $45.If you prefer new, Target has them on sale from time to time.
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