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Excessive licking of another cat.

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Urraco apparently has a fetish or something, and excessively licks Jarama. He'll do it on his stomach, in the softer hair area, and will do it to a point that he's pretty much drooling on Jarama. J's fur gets matted down and soaked (as if he just got out of the bath with me) in that spot... Just today, the area Urraco was doing this to Jarama in was rather... shocking. On his inner thigh.

What gives ? Does Urraco have a licking issue that can be resolved or is a phase ? Why does Jarama seem to ... not give a crap ? And should I just accept that my boys may be "curious" ??!
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Aww I think its cute
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I'm just wondering if it could be something health related ? Could Urraco be trying to get something off of Jarama's skin ? I looked all over him and saw nothing unusual (cept all the Urraco spit!)... and he seems to not be in pain or licking it himself. I have also noticed that Urraco licks ALOT. I regularly have to remove him from the bed because he will not let me go to sleep, just by licking my arms and hands constantly. If he's licking your hand and you move it over, he'll follow, without second though, and never stops licking.

Could Urraco have something going on with his tongue ? Or is this just a weird kitten thing ?
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If a cat is excessively grooming itself, it can be an indication of stress. But I've never read of a cat excessively grooming another cat. Perhaps there's been some change in your household/life that may have caused stress for Urraco? If I read your posts correctly, Urraco is a kitten. How old is he, and at what age was he taken from his mother? Perhaps he is using grooming like some cats use kneading, as a return to kittenhood and nursing. I'd ask my vet what they think, especially since he may be ingesting a lot of hair grooming himself and Jarama.
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My Fred does that, but no one has ever been able to tell me exactly why. He grooms himself compulsively, then will start on the others. He had a head injury, and the vet said it may have caused an obsessive-compulsive disorder. He does not lick me, though.
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I wonder if Christy is right and it's some sort of subtitude kneading behavior. The drooling would indicate that it is - when cats simply groom themselves or each other they don't drool. Drooling is associated with behavior that mimics early age suckling. When Urraco is "licking" what else does he do? Does he move his paws as if kneading? does he purr? does he close his eyes?
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Eyes closed, paws are kneeding other parts of Jarama.

You think this is left over from him being taken from his mom young ? I got him when he was 2 months old approximately, and that puts him at 4 now. Jarama is about to be 1 year old.

He only does it on certain days. Some days he wont do it at all, and other days you cant get him to stop no matter what you do. I'm wondering if it's stress related, but... he seems to be happy. He runs and plays constantly, hasn't been sick, and his environment hasn't changed drastically since I brought him home.

I heard that when cats lay on their back, legs up, to sleep or nap or just hang out, it's a sign of happiness and contentness. True or not ? Jarama does this ALL the time. Which is why being their site, is even funnier. We make fun of him all the time for doing it Anyway... I digress. I would assume that if Jarama is so content, then Urraco can't be upset about living conditions as ... they're livingin the same space.

I'm just really worried now that it's some odd health thing or worse, stress. I know stress can get to someone, does to me all the time, and I don't want my lil boy all stressed out. He might snap and start tossing kitten toys at people from atop the fridge!
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Originally posted by ElecMoHwk
Eyes closed, paws are kneeding other parts of Jarama.
He is "nursing." One of my cats did this for years despite his mother living in the same house with him. And, my youngest cat does this when she is in my lap (she kneads my shoulder and suckles my shirt) and also does this to a pillow she sleeps on. It is nothing to worry about, in fact it seems to make them feel very content!
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My cat, Little Kitty is mom to all of the others. She has never had a litter herself but the other 4 always come to her for mothering and that includes the licking. Sometimes it looks as if they are lining up to wait their turn. She never seems to mind and in fact if one isn't in the right position she will give a nip until they shift. She even like sto lick us. I got Tubby when I thought he was 8 weeks old but the vet said closer to 4 weeks. He nursed on everything and anything for a very long time. He is 5 now and on occasion still does. There is no scientific fact for this but I think they are showing affection.
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Originally posted by ElecMoHwk
I heard that when cats lay on their back, legs up, to sleep or nap or just hang out, it's a sign of happiness and contentness.
LOL Zoey does this all the time!! She just lays there, spread eagle on her back and watches us. Course then I always try to go sneak a tummy rub or kiss, but I am almost always never allowed to do that
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I forgot to mention what Little Kitty does to us. She will jump into a lap and start to lick or hands or fingers. Then she will head butt the hand and rub her head right where she just licked. We think this is her way of getting us to give her a return bath for all the others that she always gives.
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Urraco and Jarama do that as well. They headbutt me when they need a rub or something, and Urraco still has the addiction to licking
We'll see what happens.

What worries me about Urraco licking Jarama, is that... Jarama is a boy. so I'm wondering what "nursing" would be going on ?
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I don't know this for a fact and is really my own belief, so please don't take this a gospel but...I think oncea cat is spayed or neutered they don't know their sex so the nursing is just a form of comfort or closeness for the two of them. I really don't think there is anything to worry about. My boy kitty nurses on my blanket if that helps you at all. He just likes to be close.
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I have a kitty that suckles a comforter! The Suckling is only a comfort thing and has nothing to do with gender or sexuality! I had a male cat that would allow kittens to suckle his belly to give them comfort and security.
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Yeah... it wouldnt really bother me. Just curious, if in animals with less complex systems and habits, if homosexuality even existed. One for the ponder books I guess...

I was just wondering what was up with him, or more so if it was another medical issue. When Urraco starting peeing outside the litter, I got worried that there were quite a few other issues that might be attributed to odd health...

Good news is .. 3 days on Amoxil and no abnormal peeing Him and Jarama still cuddle and play and hug all the time though.
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I am glad that he is feeling better and that they love each other.
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Sorry I've been out of touch But... busy busy.

Updates are not good however. Urraco still pees, and has officially killed both of my futons. UTI med's didn't fix the problem but only made it go away for about a week and a half. Once I tossed out the futons we had another week or so of nothing... and then all of a sudden, back to peeing again. This time on the floor. Again, where he was sleeping (futon being gone).

He's gone in and gotten a full UTI test and blood test and we get results tomorrow. We'll know then what we're facing for sure.

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UTI's can be difficult to treat and can reoccur. If the inappropriate peeing stopped for a while then started again, it could have come back.

As for the inappropriate suckling on your older cat's privates - all of my orphaned kittens did this and continue to try even though they are close to 5 months old. We simply separate them when they do this and replace the suckling with either love from us or a soft toy. Perhaps your kitten was taken away from his mom too early. Nothing sexual about it - just trying to get comfort. This, by the way, can cause UTI's in your older cat, so watch him closely if this keeps up.
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Thanks for the tip. I'll break them up more aggressively if I see it happening in the future. I was just keeping Urraco from doing it super excessively but didn't want to deny him his "safety blanket", especially if Jarama doesnt seem to mind.
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