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Finally going to...

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get my tongue pierced!!! I've wanted it done for a couple years now, but always chickened out. I have an appointment for next saturday

Anyone here got theirs done? If so, tell me- how was it?? How much pain should I expect? I'm thinking on getting a supply of antibiotics from my doctor just to stave off infection. That and LOTS of listerine...

Hubby is happy- the house will be quiet for a while. Plus, eating nothing but clear fluids for a few weeks, i'm bound to lose some weight
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Wow you are braver than I for sure. I just couldn't do that. But good luck when you have your tongue pierced.
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Hey, don't worry about it; what you're doing is tame compared to the new craze. Kids are now forking their tongues! They actually cut it down the middle so that they have a snake-like tongue. I know everything seems like a big deal when it's new and then slowly becomes acceptable, but tongue forking will never be okay in my book (I know, I already sound like an old fogie)!
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Tounge forking is very dangerous. There is a major artery that runs down the middle of the tounge. Yuck... I just find the whole thing sick. Sorry if I offend anyone.

My daughter got her tounge pierced a couple of years ago and it only lasted a few days before she pulled it out! I've heard that you can get an infection easily so please take care of it and get it done at a reputable place! Good luck!
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Hmmmm....been doing some reading on this. I rest my tongue against the roof of my mouth when I'm relaxed- apparently this can cause a lot of trouble- can cause the ball on the barbell to 'migrate' into your tongue, which leads to nasty infections.

Darn it Maybe its not meant to be...

I saw some interesting pics of 'surface piercing' though- just a barbell through the skin of your wrist, leg etc.

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Personally, I would worry about tearing the barbell out from a surface piercing - I have enough trouble with just my earrings catching on stuff. (I have a lot of ear piercings, but that's all, and now that I'm getting older I've let some of them grow back). I ripped an earring out accidentally once, now I've got a scar on that ear.
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I am a professional body piercer, so maybe I can add something. It is not extremely painful to actually have the piercing done, but it can be sore for a few days after. If you leave the piercer and go directly and get something like a slushy, it will get a head start on keeping the swelling down. Advil is good for the swelling. Tongue piercings are not prone to infection, and do not migrate. I would save the antibiotics, if it is not sick, it does not need medicated. Listerine can be very harsh to a new piercing, a non-alcoholic mouthwash is much better. While you are buying mouthwash, a soft toothbrush is a good idea. Not only will it be more comfortable, old toothbrushes can harbor bacteria from being damp. If you have any questions, I will be glad to help you.
You may want to check out Crazy Chameleon website. Just type that in as a keyword search. It is a piercing and tattoo shop in Massachesetts, and their website is very informative.
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I'm probably in the minority here, but tongue piercings really gross me out. Sorry
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3 of my friends have their tounge peirced, I have considered it but I'm a big :chicken: when it comes to Pain

Good Luck!
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Krazykat2? What length of barbell is normally used for the piercing? I'm going to be ordering a surgical steel one, and want to know what length to get. I've heard 3/4"?
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Here's my new piercing...

I just got it two days ago. (sorry if it's shiney - that's the polysporin)
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Cute! Did it hurt?
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not as much as the gun did to my nose...

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Tamme, I got my upper ear done a few years ago and it hurt so bad! My fiance' at the time paid for me to get it done for my birthday. I'm such a wuss, but honestly it was very painful. My friend who worked a accessory shop and pierced ears all the time did if for me. She apparently picked a spot where a vein ran through that part of my ear. For a solid 6 months, I couldn't sleep on that side and I didn't dare bump it or it would swell up. After 7 months of it in, I took it out. Couldn't handle the pain all the time. Maybe I'm just an oddball, but I wouldn't do it again. I'd love to have another one, but I'm afraid it would do the same thing.

Melissa, I've heard that it doesn't hurt at all to get your tongue pierced. It's the couple of days afterward that hurts the most. I've had a couple of friends in the past that had it done and they were very happy with it. The only problem that they had was that each person ended up swallowing it in their sleep! Somehow the ball got loose and down the hatch it went!

Good luck Melissa. If or when you get it done, you've gotta share some pix!
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Darrell had it done twice.

The actual piercing didn't hurt, he says. "It was just uncomfortable". Then it swelled up and he couldn't eat anything but soup and icecream for a week.
One day he took it out to eat some ice cream and fell asleep. It had grown over by morning. So a few months later he got it pierced again and took it out again a year later for a respectable job.

Because it's a muscle, it grew over.

Shell, my neice did my ear. She iced it a bit and used a potato and a needle. I felt a pinch and heard a crunch. That's about it. Well it did hurt, but well, you know, it's supposed to. But silly me I got it on the side that I LOVE to sleep on. I really want a small hoop in it, but from the location of it, I wonder if it will look ok. I think it might be too high to have a hoop droop on the outside... Do you know what I mean?
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I usually use 7/8. I know that sounds kind of big, but there is no way to tell how much you will swell.
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The piercing of the upper ear was unpleasant in the recovery stage. I couldn't sleep on that ear for a long time. Even now, 8 or so years later, I take the earring out every night, because it pokes me. What I really want is a hoop with a small chain that connects to one of my lower piercings (ala the earrings that Bajorans wore on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine). I haven't ever been able to find anything even close in 14K gold, which is all I wear.
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I will check my catalogs and ask my supplier. You might also check out Crazy Chameleon's website. They can find or make a lot of things.
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krazy kat:

That would be awesome! I'll check the other site and let you know. Thanks a million!
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Crazy Chameleon had lots of body jewelry, but not much in the way of just earrings. The search continues.....
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krazy kat:

Here is a site that has the closest thing to what I am looking for. Once again, however, gold does not seem to be an option. The Amira style is what I would order, if it wasn't silver. I don't want anything too complex. Just one single chain.

This 2nd example is the EXACT thing I am looking for (Band to post - 10th one down). Unfortunately the cuffs aren't pierced, so what's the point?

Anyway, hope that gives you an idea of what I am looking for.
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