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This is unbelievable!

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I work in a strictly cash business, and often carry large sums of money, most of it not mine. I also carry a gun when I have this money, and some, not all other times. I was discussing this with a friend, and when she asked to see it, I told her I never brought it to her house because she has kids. She hit the roof! "My kids would never get in your purse, they are good kids, blah, blah, blah!" I explained to her that I never take it anywhere there are kids, because even the best kids,(hers are unruly little brats) are curious, and an accident can happen in the blink of an eye. I also never let anyone "just see it." It only comes out for target practice, cleaning, or, God forbid, self defense. As a responsible gun owner, I am doing everything in my power to prevent accidents of any kind. I could not believe she would object to someone NOT bringing a gun into her home. What do you think?
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I think you did the right thing as a responsible gun owner.
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I've read way too many newspaper stories about young children getting accidently killed by guns. IMO, you did the right thing.
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As another responsible gun owner, I think that you are right. My own kids could be trusted with guns in the house but I never allowed their friends over, unless I was home.
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I also think you did the right thing. A friend recently told me that he has a gun in his house (he and his wife don't have children). I was a little surprised (because I would have never thought he had a gun), but he said he never talked about it, and certainly doesn't bring it out, for safety reasons. I think that if I had kids and a friend brought a gun over (no matter how trained that person was and no matter how well the gun was protected) I'd go through the roof!
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Glad to hear you're very responsible. I wish everyone who owned guns would take a lesson from you!
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I agree with what you did. even if in Singapore we dun have guns ownership, our kids still do silly things with the harmless things around us. You can never trust kids especially those whom you have never seen before.
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IMO you did the right thing! I never have my gun's out ever when my grandchildern are here !
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you did the right thing, and if this mother thinks her kids does nothing like snoop, i hope for the kids sake they are not harmed by this, for kids will snoop.
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It seems the Mom is less mature than her children.

I would NEVER allow a gun in the house as my youngest is 5 ( and an unruly 5 at that). I don't even allow toy guns as they send the wrong message to young children.

To throw a fit because you didn't bring it into her house was very irresponcible of her. I would cool this friendship as her decision making process has not developed to a point of safty yet. This sort of people would invite someone they met on the internet into their home and then tell them you have a gun to boot!
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You absoultely did the right thing. One horror story that I know of.

When my daughter was about 4, I was at a friends house. To make a long story short when I went to the childrens room there was my daughter holding a 357 magnum. I got the gun away from her but I was never so horrified in my life. We never did go back to this persons house after that. They kept the gun on their bedside nightstand where their own children could easily get it.
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I sat her down and had a long talk with her, and I think I made her understand. She apologized and thanked me for showing her the error of her ways. I guess we will see what happens.
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Good for you Rebecca. Yes, you definitely did the responsible thing, and an even more responsible thing by sitting down and explaining it to her. Hopefully you got through and she won't ever have to learn because of a tragedy of her own making.
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You definitely did the right thing, and I'm glad you had a chance to explain further. Whether her kids normally go through purses isn't the issue. It only takes one curious child to cause a tragedy.
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I think you did her a favor by not bringing it in , if you has brung it in and a kid (ugggghhhh) shoots himself, then she would blame you! , You sound very respsosible
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I think this is a serious enough subject that I'm moving it to IMO for a lengthier discussion.
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You definitely did do the right thing and there's hope that she did finally understand why in the end.

Guns aren't showpieces. (Antiques excluded)
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