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Hello everybody!

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Hello everybody!
I am Anne's husband.
Posting is so difficult when a cat is sitting on the keyboardddddddddddddd
It is great to join (at last...) to the forum.

By the way, unlike Anne, I am not a cat expert, just the proud owner of our two lovely cats - Carrot and Apricot.
Of course in real life they and I behave like they own me...
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Well, hello there handsome... I thought you look familiar

Just to explain - we live in Israel and the cats are called Gezer and Mishmish, which translates into Carot and Apricot.

Well' welcome to the forums Alpha - you don't have to be a cat expert to join us!
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Nice to meet you Alpha, now we are going to have both of you tell us what our cats names are in your language!!
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Hey Anne, how would you say peaches??
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"Afarssek" is a peach, so I guess that would be the word. Doesn't really have the same "cute" sound and connotation as in English
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Glad you have joined us, Alpha
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