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An then there were seven...

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Welcome Kizzikat and Kitty!

We are growing - seven members in three days. Don't be shy about it - let's get talking!
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Thank you for the welcome!

I promise to post something soon! I'm checking the other forums at the moment.

You have a lovely site and I'm sure this will become a meeting place for lot of cat people. You just have to be patient - these things take time.

Best of luck!
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Seven members back then- my how we have grown!
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Oh wow. That is impressive!
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Wow! This site has grown a lot!
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Wow!! That is neat to see Anne's first post from so long ago!!

"Let's get talking"
LOL Look what Anne started! Bet she never thought there would be this much "talking" going on years later!
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Anne, who were the first 7? You, Kitty, Mary Anne?...
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When I first joined TCS I went right back and looked through some of the very early posts - it was really interesting to read how The Cat Site was born and evolved.

I think you have to go into view all posts, and then go right back to the first.

Debby was one of the first few members as I recall . . . hardly surprising considering her squillions of posts (can you guys detect a hint of jealousy here )
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Another nostaglic thread- and kimbulu, I joined after it started. Anne, Debby and Sandie were/are the foundation mods here.

First roll call
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That's interesting Hissy !! Thank You for sharing , I am so pleased this site has grown , It deserves it , it's great
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This site is GREAT!!! And thanks for the warm welcome. I love reading all your input. And you really are a fun bunch. And the staff RULES - you are all very nice.

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I think I love you!
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