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Another dog "present"

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Since I'm off today, I ran some errands this morning. When I got home, I found the mummified body of a horned toad lizard on my patio. This was gross enough but, Pearl had to pick it up and try to drop it in my lap, when I went out for a cigarette.

She never eats the things that she kills - lizards, big bugs, birds blown out of nests - she just drags them around, plays with them and tries to give them to me. UGH!!!

I got Bill to take it away from her and throw it in the trash. Good thing, there are no snakes around our house.
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I know what you mean. My dog loves to carry around barely identifiable bird corpses, rats, and such. Then she wants to lick me on the face, of course! Blech.

That's another thing husbands are useful for - thank goodness I don't have to deal with those icky things myself!
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Did ya hear my horror story of the big roach? It's on the answer the last question, ask the first, thread. Anyway...my hubby is of no use when it comes to picking up critters like that.

However, my JB does not have the skills, I have been working on them to teach him but that's like dragging a horse to water. He has gotten better at bringing in lizards which I always save and grasshoppers which is a hoot to watch him hop after them in the grass. He loves playing with roaches though, he doesn't know what to do with them and I figure their spiny legs aren't the best on his tongue, so he just bats them across the floor into the hallway underneath the doors and cracks and they always manage to survive the ordeal and pretend to be dead when they really aren't. Sneaky creatures!! Yeck! His new thing is bringing in the snakes, we have blind snakes, harmless, they look like extra long earthworms but move very very quickly when they sense you coming. Anyway, he brought one inside and was playing with it, it's tail was half bitten off, but he was just playing with it. I felt bad for the snake so I took it outside after trying to see if my hubby would do it, but in my household, I'm stuck with taking care of those things. Still fun for me though to pick on him about it. This is a big guy and you would think he could handle something like that and he looks mean but he is big softy and gets squimish when it comes to lizards, snakes, roaches, etc.

My bestfriend had adopted this cat, which ran off, I think in search of some females, anyway, she never had a cat. So she calls me and says that she found the grossiest thing on her porch, a dead bird that was half recognizable and a lizard with it's legs stuck up in the air. She was freaking out and I told her 'awww that is so cute!!! he's bringing you food and showing you that he knows you're the master and it's in appreciation of you taking care of him!' so then she says 'well why can't he show his appreciation in other ways instead of dead animals!' LOL!!! I told her I was jealous of her since mine doesn't know how to kill things like that
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I got the dead birds away from her, using the charcoal tongs. Pearl is very proud of her "toys" and likes to show them off.

I don't mind her tennis balls, rawhide bones and rope but, I draw the line at dead animals. She takes her toys to the fence and shows them to my neighbor and her cats, too.
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i know what you guys mean, meow meow would play with the lizards and roaches till they are just half dead and would call for me to go and take a look..then u would see a mangled mess of dunno what...and they would be twitching away struggling for their lives...eeeeee.....
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