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Can cats be fixed while in heat?

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Our dear, but uncooperative itty bitty, is in heat. Weeks ago, I made an appointment for her to get fixed this Thursday. Can she be operated on? She is rather stubborn about getting in the carrier to be taken to the vet, so trapping her is another matter. The poor thing looks so bewildered.
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The short answer is yes, they can be spayed while in heat.

The long answer is, some vets don't like to do it, some refuse to do it and make you wait, some charge extra, and some don't mind at all. So call your vet and ask what he/she recommends.

When Dot went into heat (3 days before her scheduled spay), my vet made me wait 10 days before spaying her. But I talked to another vet who said he didn't think an in-heat cat spay was a big deal at all. I guess it just depends on the vet.
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A guy at work went to get his siamese spayed and was told she was in heat and they charged an extra 25 bucks to him. But I agree, ask what your vet recommends.
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It is a slightly more complicated operation because the organs are engorged with extra blood supply. so the risks are a little greater. But most vets will do it. Whatever. do talk to your vet first, don't just take her in.
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Our regular vet wont, but I managed to get an appointment with the vet at a feral cat charity that will! Now, I just need to figure out to get the little beast in the cage.
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Be careful of the feral place.
I have heard horror stories about places like that.
Cats do bleed more when they are in heat.
My Oreo was in heat when she was altered.
The vet charged $16 extra.
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I have had only excellent experiences with the low-cost/feral s/n place. But do ask around to make the one in your area has a good reputation as well.
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This one seems to have a good reputation. They are responsible for rescuing and rehoming the feral cat colony that lived where they are building the new 2012 Olympics.
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Attitude was spayed in heat. They didn't charge me extra but I think that is because at her first vet appointment at 8 weeks I was told she was 'definitely male' after I put in her initial paperwork female. Yeah, she was so male she went into heat and her brother mounted her. I think it was also because I had her intact brother in the house and she's feline leukemia positive. They knew if she was in heat she had to be done, they worked me in the very next day. I think they normally do charge more since there was a spot for spay in heat/pregnant and mine had down $0 so I'm sure they normally charge for it. I just had 3 major things working in my favor to get it done. Mostly the doctor saying she was a boy when she really was a girl, which I had marked her down as, I know the difference. Of course she has long hair and isn't too keen on people examining her there so it's possible he thought he saw something that wasn't there. I had my suspicions as she got older that she was not male. I called the office after getting Nuts off her and holding her in my arms and I was so PO'd then put her in the bathroom and listen to them howl at each other through the door, later that night I decided she was getting spayed the next day so it really didn't matter if they did decide they wanted to do what they do. I did apologize to the vet's office for being so angry over the phone the day before but I had just found Nuts on top of his sister and well that was a shock. They said it was ok that they understood. I thought even if she was a girl I had until 6 months to get her done, nope she went into heat at 5 months old. I still wonder what they would have done had I brought her in for a neuter and she was missing the vital parts they were supposed to remove. The next time saw the vet I told him that my 'definitely male' cat had to get spayed. I then said they did her since she had swelling down there and he was worried she was pregnant, turns out she just had mastitis. How a spayed female gets that is beyond me, but whatever.

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