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Is my cat dying?

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Hey, I've been extremely worried about my cat for the past few weeks. She's 11 and she got very skinny in about 3 weeks and doesn't eat as much. Her sister who's the exact same age is a normal weight and more active. Is my cat gonna die soon?
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Your senior cat needs to be taken to the vet. The vet can do blood work which will tell many things about your cat's health and why she is losing weight.

Many illnesses senior cats get aren't curable but can be treated successfully for a long time if caught early enough.

Call your vet tomorrow and set up an appointment, but stress to the receptionist that this is a sick call not a routine appointment, so you can get her in right away. This should not be put off.

Welcome to TCS, and please let us know what you find out.
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You need to take her to the vet ASAP - urgently.
If nothing is done and she is sick, yes, she can die... specially if she doesn't eat. Please take her to the vet at once.
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I just talked to my parents about taking her to the vet and they didn't exactly seem on board with it. They just said she's getting old and that they'd talk about it. I'll try my best to convince them.
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Originally Posted by Amplified View Post
I just talked to my parents about taking her to the vet and they didn't exactly seem on board with it. They just said she's getting old and that they'd talk about it. I'll try my best to convince them.
My guess is that they wouldn't appreciate you giving them that answer when they get old and you're responsible for getting them to the doctor.
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11 is not very old.
I have a very sick 18.5 year old cat and I will do everything for her.
You parents are letting the cat suffer and she can die.
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You don't say how old you are. Can you take the kitty in? While your parents "talk about it" your cat may die.
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Hi and welcome. As said, 11 is not very old - like middle-aged for a person. Many cats live to 16, 17 or even into their 20s. So do try to persuade your parents to get her looked at - it may be something that will not be too expensive to treat.
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She really needs to go to the vet, there's a ton of things it could be but most of them will be able to be treated as long as you see the vet on time. 11 isn't old at all. My cat growing up had similar symptoms when she was 18 and even then it wasn't age related and with a bit of medication she lived many more years.
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I'm 14, so I can't take the cat in myself. I've talked to my mom about it a few times and she basically said that if we take her in they'll most likely want to put her to sleep and that she doesn't want to spend thousands of dollars for the doctors to tell us that they can't do anything about it. She also says that 11 IS old so she thinks she's dying because of old age. As you may imagine, this is very frustrating and distressing for me that my cat will most likely die if nothing is done. At this point, I'm not sure what to do and my cat may not have much time.
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Ok... I know you are frustrated, but no cursing allowed here, ok?
11 is not at all old, and no, she is not dying of old age... She would if she 18, 17, or 19... Cats live a long time...
Your cats is sick, and the vet will not tell you to put her down, but try to find out what she has, and give her medicine to make her better.
If you can not take care of her, please surrender her to a non-kill shelter so they can treat her or at least give her a humane end to her suffering...
Having a cat sick, untreated left to die is down right animal abuse.
You can not take her to the vet, but you can do the right thing and take her to a non-kill shelter. Please, do the right thing.
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You poor baby - what if you ask your parents to take your cat to the vet as your early birthday/Christmas/whatever presents

If your cat really is terminally ill, it's only kind to let the vet give her a peaceful passing. But 11 is not terribly old for an indoor cat these days.

It could be something as simple as she has a bad tooth, and it hurts her to eat.

Could you get some plain baby food (chicken, or turkey - just make sure there's no onion in it) and see if you can tempt her to eat?

Or, even though it would break your heart, see if you can find a shelter in your town and get your parents to give her to the shelter.

Just remember, your parents may not understand all the options that currently exist, and may be afraid of a huge bill - and this is probably hurting them too, that they can't give you what you're asking for. But you are trying so hard to help your cat - your parents have raised a good child.
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Actually she's an outdoor cat. She's actually been through quite a bit in her life, she went missing for a week when I was younger, she's got in countless fights with other cats, got in a number of fights with my dog (he's a small dog, miniature schnauzer), etc. So it might actually be that she's had a tough life. Outdoor cats life span is 12-15 and she's 11 and a half. I'm not exactly sure, but her symptoms do seem like a cat who's body is shutting down. In the mean time I'm trying to keep her comfortable, she's sleeping on my bed right now and I have a bowl of water and a few cat treats near her. Now's the time where I pray for a miracle, wish her luck.
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You could always just call a vet and ask them if they think it's normal symptoms - explain that you're young and that your parents need extra convincing. Or even walk into a vet office and do the same, I'm sure even a receptionist would suggest that 11 is not old enough for those symptoms.
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Not to be taken lightly but if you think shes in pain and no one will do anything call up the shelter to report animal cruelty. The county shelters often have lower cost no questions asked euth services. or just beg them to sign cat over if its pain/quality of life
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It could be kidney, thyroid, worms, liver or anything.

I have an idea. They are worried about costs, ask the vet it they would do a payment plan, and have your mom sign up for Care Credit, it helps with vet bills.

If your parents will not do anything ask them if you can get a job to pay for he vet bills. If not, beg them to give her to a no kill shelter.

If you were loosing weight & sick, surely they would get you to the doctor? Even if you were old?

So sorry, I know it sucks to be in that situation.
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Is there a neighbor or another family member who can transport you and your cat to a vet. Maybe the parent of a close friend. Explain the situation and the dire need to get your cat to the vet.

Maybe if you just walk in with your kitty, they may have compassion enough to see her.

Where there is a will there is a way. Which means, if you want something bad enough, there is a way to have it happen.
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