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Another Kitten question

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According to the info I got my kittens should be ready about now to be introduced to the litter box. My problem is this. Mom and kittens are kept in my son's room. The box they are in they still can not get out of (or at least that's the way it was last night). I can't have them running around the house and my son "tends" to forget to close his door (he is 16). I also have a small dog and two other cats that are inside. I'm just not sure how to handle this I guess. I don't think one of my cats and I know my dog won't bother them, plus the Momma won't let any other cat near "her" room. I'm babbleing now aren't I? sorry.

Any suggestions?

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I'm not sure what your asking really but I would sugust getting a bigger box for them and/or putting a small cake pan with none clumbing litter in there. I started off with a tiny litter box or cake pan and the kittens just started using it on there own. They pretty much train them selves with the help of mommy. If they are old enough to use litter they are goign to want to really start playing alot soon.
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You can also put up a baby gate to corral them into a room of your choise. Make sure the litter you use is just the old fasioned non-clumping kind. Kittens, like, babies, tend to taste everything. They could get a serious blockage from the clumping litter.
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