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Noddy could use good thoughts

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She stopped eating yesterday afternoon. She has vomited quite a bit, clear liquid and the last bout she had contained some black thread. I have an appointment in about an hour for her to be seen, but she is drooping big time. Lethargic and not wanting to play with her sisters. When I got them I didn't have them tested because they were to young, now they are of age. Please send good thoughts that this isn't going to be something bad, although Noddy is the only one who is sick of the three.

This morning has been rough. We got robbed sometime last night. Someone broke into our knife shop and took a lot of Mike's expensive tools he uses to build the knives. Thank goodness no one knows where we keep the safe, though it looks like they tried to find it. We have Kenai contained in the house at night so she won't go play with the skunk. Not any more, she will be able to do full patrol at night from now on. I want a do-over on today please?

I will log in when we get back from the vet to let you know what they find.
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tons and tons of good vibes coming your way!! Neo ate a ribbon once and was throwing up but he passed it. Maybe she just has a tickle in there throat. I sure hope she is okay
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Good health vibes to little Noddy!!!
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OMG to both crisis! Good luck, we'll be waiting to hear results.
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Best of luck with Noddy at the vet. I am sorry this whole day had to happen to you.
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I am beyond sad. The vet suspects that Noddy has distemper and that is still cooking inside of her, (because of her age) I am supposed to keep a watchful eye on her and if she does have distemper than he said she will crash probably tonight. It really makes me angry, the kittens were also loaded with parasites and have been wormed. I told him that I had taken them in to another vet and that they were wormed there, but he said they didn't do a very good job. They had round, flat and tapes. They are upstairs now in isolation surrounded by all the prayers I can muster. Noddy bit the vet when he gave her a shot of naxcel.
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MA, My prayers are with them as well. These poor little ones have been through so much, life owes them a break!
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Holy Cow! When it rains, it pours. I am sending all of my healing thoughts to Noddy and my calming thoughts to you and Mike.
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I am so sorry to hear this. Hopefully all will work out for you and all the cats. What a sad way to end a Friday. Thoughts are with at this time.
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OMG i'm so sorry hissy. Tons and TONSSSSSSSSS of healthy vibes coming your way. I really hope it is not distemper. All the kitties seem to be getting sick latly My little white kitties are sending lots of of love and head bumpies to your three little white kitties.
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Thanks she is quite sick, still not eating, but at least she is drinking water and staying hydrated.
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Oh No! I'm so sorry MA...about everything! I do hope that this Vet is wrong and that what is wrong isn't as serious. I'm praying that Noddy will pull through this!

That's horrible news that those thieves took Mike's expensive tools! Those b@#$%#&'s! I hope that you find out who took them and they pay for what they've done!

Sending you guys lots of prayers and good vibes! This board is truly magical!
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It is Shell indeed! I just posted an update in the Lounge where I had asked for board magic last night to come this way. Noddy is alert, she is playing, she is eating, drinking and this poor little girl had such a load of worms in her system I do believe she is about a pound lighter after last night!

Thanks to all of you who sent Board Magic my way. After the rough start these kittens had in the world, they deserve to live long and prosper!
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What a relief! I'll bet she feels a heck of a lot better getting all those worms out of her system!
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MA, I'll go look for the thread in the Lounge. I'm glad to hear she's doing better, and I'm sorry I missed the hard part. Sending lots of prayers her way....

And I'm so sorry you guys got robbed!!! It's a horrible feeling apart from just the monetary issues. I'm so sorry!!!! I'm praying for justice on THAT one!!!!!

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I have been replying to your thread in the CL so I will just add my sympathy about you getting burgled- it sucks I'm really sorry it had to happen to you!

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