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Getting Worried

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My husband & I are getting a little concerned over our feral colony. This past week there have been hardly any cats coming around for food. Granted,it's been 115 here, but we've been going after sunset and still only seeing around 5 - 6 cats. The pasts summers they've always came out for their feeding regardless of the heat. I'm going to call the park today and see if they've noticed a decline in the mornings. A couple years ago we lost almost half of our colony over some illness. Someone dumped a sick cat in the park and it spread through the colony. Guess this is why I'm concerned, afraid this might have happened again.
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I sure hope it's just the heat keeping them away! They will be in my thoughts.
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Me too! With low here being 96 hopefully that's what it is!
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That is so scary. I pray that it is only the heat. This July sure seems to be a bad month for The Cat Site's feral cats!
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