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Suggestion for a new forum

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I hope you don't mind a suggestion from a newbie. I know you already have enough to do, but have you ever thought of a Support Group forum for those who have recently sent a cat to the Bridge?

I know when I was looking for a shoulder to cry on last year, there weren't many sites that could help. It's such a painful time for a lot of people and it's wonderful to be able to "talk" with someone who doesn't think you are an idiot for crying over "just a cat" (I really hate it when someone says that to me )

Anyway, just a thought. I love your site!

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I am sorry I did not see this until today. I wholeheartely second the thoughts of Kat. This would be an excellent idea for a Forum.

For those of us who have "Stood too many times at the other side of The Bridge and watched a beloved pet cross" . . . . . . .
Nothing means more than a sanctuary place to go for understanding! To know that there are those who cry with us. . . . . Who can find words to share; when we cannot yet speak of our loss. . .
Please consider this.
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i also think this is a wonderful idea for a new forum, perhaps we can run it past Anne
when she has more time to spend here at the Site

i've havent lost a cat in my life, yet, but, i know if i had i'd need a place i could
go to grieve and talk with others who were going throught the same thing.

great idea, Kat
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I think that's a very interesting idea. Right now, such posts go to the lounge and receive a fair amount of attention.

If and when I start making money, my plan is to upgrade the cat pages and add a special section with a special design for tribute pages for cats that are no longer with us (and also to add more designs for the regular cat pages and let people decide how they want to do it). I thought that would also be a good time in which to add a special forum for talking about our departed loved ones.

The only snag is I don't see any money coming in soon (not nearly enough to cover the expenses of the exising cat pages (1500$ for programming!) let alone an upgrade...

I guess maybe we should really start with the new forum first. That's pretty easy to set up. Any ideas for a name?
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Anne; Thanks for considering setting up this Forum. Of course I have some sugestions for a name. . . . (is The Pope Catholic? or The Rabi Jewish? I am never without suggestions. :

1. 'Til We Meet Again

2. From Our Side of the Bridge

3. Thanks for the Memories

Let's hear some suggestions from Kat; whose idea this was origially.
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Here's a suggestion for naming the new thread:

"From Our Hearts to Yours"

From what I have seen at this site, there is an overwhelming amount of heartfelt support whenever somebody loses one of their babies.
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I like the name "Til We Meet Again", it would a perfect title for the Tribute page that Anne mentioned.

I am not very creative, but here goes:

"Healing Hearts"
"For Broken Hearts"
"Support for Those Left Behind"

I also like the suggestions of "From Our Side of The Bridge" and "From Our Hearts to Yours".

I'm sure I could come up with some more if I wasn't so tired. I'll keep thinking.

(I miss you Ebby Bear)
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Kat; I could tell from your one brief statement how you loved Ebby Bear. It brought me to tears. Anytime you want to share privately, or here at the Site your "memories" I will always listen. If it is too soon after his/her passing; I understand that too. You can always e-mail or PM me. . . . . .

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