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Cat ate cooked vegetable oil

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Hi my name is Joseph, my cat has recently just ate some cooked vegetable oil.

A few days ago my father fried some fish outside with some vegetable oil. He left the oil outside too cool off before throwing it out, but forgot it.

The vegetable oil was left outside for three days with some pieces of fish floating in it.

We let my cat outside in the backyard *forgot about the vegetable oil* and she got to it. I'm not to sure how much she drank or if she ate any of the floating fish pieces.

The past two days she has had diarrhea and has not been eating. She is fatigue and not herself.

Could she just be having some stomach pains or should we consider this a serious matter and go to a vet?
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I would urge you to take her to the vet.
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I would suggest at least calling the vet and describing the situation - but, I know I'd be bringing her in for a check up. Good luck - I hope all goes well.
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First off, the same thing happened to my mom's German Shepherd years ago. However, she just had an oily mess to clean off the floor.

If your kitty is truly not looking too good, a trip to the vet is in order. She could have a touch of pancreatitis from all the fat and some meds to help settle her system and maybe a bland diet for a few day may be what she needs.

Good luck. Keep us posted.
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Please at least call the vet and when you can update us
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