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pictures of my cats

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Amber, Ashley, Biddy, Calvin
Fern, Kim, Jim, Rutherford
Sterling, Jasper, Lucas, monte
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JenLuckenbach!! I love your baby pictures - how cute!!

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Wow, thats a lot of cats!

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What a gorgeous little fur-family!!!

Thanks for sharing!
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awww how cute!
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What adorable furbabies! Especially the tuxedo cat (not that I'm partial or anything).
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heee!! anytime I see a family with a bunch of cats, I think of that Stephen King movie, I think it was called cats but can't remember. I went to this one house way out in the boondox *country* and these people came out and underneath their house, about 20 cats came running out!!! it scared me pretty fiercely!
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