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eye boogers

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They all get them, but... and excuse any graphic examples... weak stomachs and full stomachs need read no more... but, what is a "healthy" eye booger ? the little brown crusties ? Urraco sometimes gets a white substance in the inside corners of his eyes, which then just dissapears (I assume he's rubbing it out and getting rid of it), or I wipe it off of his nose. I'm curious to know if this sounds like something "not right".

Also, whats the best way for me to clean their eyes for them, without causing discomfort and such ?
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The brown stuff is the hardened tears. It gets that way if an accumulation builds up without being wiped away. I have seen the white stuff also. It is not as common among my cats, but if it is not excessive I do not believe it is overly harmful. I would keep watch on the eyes to make sure that it does not get more profuse or accompanied by redness.
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Same as wiping your own eyes, you want to wipe away from the rest of the eye, so you don't drag it along the inner lid, which would be irritating.

My cats are used to me cleaning eye gunk off them. I reach for a tissue and they hide.
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I asked this same question weeks back.

Zoey gets them all the time, like everyday. Sometimes they're small, white and gooey like you described and sometimes they're brown crust. It's not a lot and she's in perfect health so I have no idea why she gets them. Someone suggested maybe she is allergic to something. I dunno.

I just use my finger to wipe them. Once a day usually. I make sure I dont stick my finger in her eye of course and usually she lets me wipe them away. I do it real quick. She needs to clean her face more I keep trying to tell her
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Originally posted by Sicycat
I just use my finger to wipe them.. . .I make sure I dont stick my finger in her eye of course . .

I thought you said "I make sure I don't stick my finger in MY eye" cuz I was reading it too fast!!!

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lol well that wouldnt be good either
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Well typically thats what I do. On hand holds them by the jaw and the other has a finger infront of their eye, and they know whats up... they close their eyes and I wipe from the inside corner, towards their nose. Sometimes takes 2 or 3 to get the wet ones away... but they always seem to be a bit more snuggly after, as if to thank me. Urraco had the really large white ones in one eye after I first got him and the vet said it was nothing to worry about. It did go away but, I figured I'd ask anyway while I thought about it last night.
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Some of you know that Jarama had a worm (scared the heck outta me!)... and I just wanted to update here that when we took care of that, his crusties went away in his eyes too !! For the most part they just... aren't there anymore And Urraco hasn't had an eye boogie problem in about 8 months !!
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Wow...good news. Hopefully the eye booger issue is cleared up now.'

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