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My boys...

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Ya know... I just drove home from a little heartbreak (which I knew was coming but hey, have to go through it anyway)... and just when I think hope is lost...

My boys come to greet me at the door, and then lay on the couch with me as I rest my brain and try to figure out what just took place... and they never leave my side.

I don't know what I'd do without my boys.

Just thought I'd share, and let someone know how much they mean to me. I'm sure this, if any, is the forum that would understand my love for them, and my appreciation of their love for me...

I love my boys.
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Aww iam glad that they were there for you.

As for you, are YOU okay?

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Cats can definitely be the comfort a body needs. They are therapists, nurses, entertainers, friends (especially when the rest of the world deserts you).
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ElecMoHwk - I know the feeling! I love my boys so much I don't know what I would do without them. I told my husband if one of them ever passed away, he'd have to lock me up in the looney bin... I don't think I could handle the heart ache. (Wonder what a psychologist would say about this behavior)

Yep, I'm neurotic about my boys -- can't help it, really, I can't -- LOL!!

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Hey Elec, sweetie I hope you are ok,but I know just what you mean, as soon as I get home I have Papa and the babies lined up on the computer desk for kisses on the head,and mama comes to get hers 'cause she's been watching out the window,she's the lookout.as soon as I go to bed they all come in to say good night and a couple might decide to nap with me,they are so good at sensing when something is wrong and know whether to comfort or just stay away...I don't know what I'd do without them ...holler at me if ya need to talk tho...
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Originally posted by JenLuckenbach
They are therapists, nurses, entertainers, friends (especially when the rest of the world deserts you).
You are right on the money, Jen! They just know what you need.
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I know the feeling too. I just posted a thread about an example of how Zoey showed me love. It's such an awesome feeling.

Hope you're doing ok! ((( hugs )))
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I know exactly how you feel. I feel the same way about my little sweet Peaches. She is the joy of my life right now. And sometimes I'm sure everyone here on the boards get sick of hearing me talk about her!! When I get home from work the first thing I do is go find Peaches. It's SOOO nice, especially now since my hubby has been gone.

Thanks for sharing your feelings!
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Eh... things are okay I guess. It's just this odd situation thats been growing into what it is for about a year now. Nothing I can do and it's a pain in the ass/heart sometimes.

Last night I spent some time with the friends involved and it was a good night actually... but I guess the boys still saw that I was a little stressed from it and they snuggled right up with me. They're my best friends pretty much. Especially Jarama. I think me and him have a very very close bond.

I'll be okay. I have my boys.

She's allergic to cats anyway Wouldn't have worked out. LOL
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Glad to hear you are pretty much ok anyway,I had an "applicant" that was great in just about every way, well educated, good sense of humor, nice looking in a Sean Connery kinda way, good income, that kinda thing, but HE HATES CATS! Never woulda worked, somtimes these things are for the best...
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Nothing like kitty love. I admit without shame that I love my cats more than most of my family members. (The cats are far less dysfunctional! ). I don't know what I would do without them.

And I am a firm believer in the fact that the cats are a far better judge of personality than I am. Anyone they don't like usually isn't someone who has my best interest at heart.
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