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Curious about building cat trees

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Hi everyone.

This is my first post. I have two young kittens (7 and 8 weeks, respectively) and would like to get them a cat tree or cat condo. However, I'm a college student so although I'm capable of paying their vet fees, buying a $300+ cat tree is out of the question so I'm wondering if anyone knows of tutorials about building your own. My parents and I are all fairly handy with tools and various materials, so I'm not too concerned with the difficulty involved but I've searched the web without coming up with much.

Thanks in advance. My two babies are below.
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You could try:
Goto D.I.Y. Scratching posts

I found those with Google - advanced search
All Words: build self
Exact combination: cat tree

Or by directly searching for: build self "cat tree"

Good luck!
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Wow, thanks - I can definitely do this. I'll just have to draw up a design. Great info!
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There is a site,and I don't have it on my favs anymore cause I had to have my puter redone, that offers a cd for $10 with complete instructions on building a cat tree. I will look for it and come back and let you know.

There is a picture on here of the one I build (without help and instructions).
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Thats the one. Thanks Hissy.
You can also go to Meowhoo.com and click on cat furniture then trees I think it is and there are all kinds of sites to check out.
Good Luck.
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Advice on cat tree building.....

If you have the tools and time there are number of things you can build that are not too difficult. I run a small buisness that builds custom trees and I have alot of experience.

# 1. Piece of Advice. Invest in good materials, you will be glad that you did in the long run. Resist the temptation to use particle board or flakeboard. Use MDF and/or Hardwood plywood, or at least use good pieces of BC plywood. Use solid wood or thick PVC for posts, avoid using cardboard tubes.

# 2. Use good hardward during assembly. Use lag screws instead of nails. Use longer, wider wood screws instead of short, narrow ones.

# 3. Take your time. There is an old saying: "Measure twice, and cut once". Plan, measure, and test things you have not done before on scrap wood.

# 4. Take extra care with Rope and Carpet. Wrap the rope as tightly as possible. (Only use natural sisal rope, don't use manila rope or any rope that has been oiled) Use cut-pile (non-loop) good quality carpet. If your going to use glue on your carpeting, make sure its non-toxic.

I hope my advice helps. If want some ideas, take a look at my site.

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