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An unexpected miracle

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I will miss the family, but through the internet, I found a really nice place for them. I went to see the gal's house today and she has a lot of cats and all of them are sleek and healthy. She was thrilled with Snapshot and family. She is in her 60's and you can tell she just dotes on these cats. Plus, they are only about 45 minutes from me and Emily told me I can visit any time. I left feeling good that the family has been well placed. I asked her what she was going to do with the kittens and she said she will wait till they are old enough and then spay and neuter them and find them homes, or keep them. Like me, she fell in love with Snapshot. Right before I left, she pressed an envelope in my hand and told me to open it when I got home. I opened it at the first stop light, and inside was a hundred dollar bill. I had to pull over to the side of the road till I stopped crying. Now, I can get Bacardi into the vet for a much needed work-up and pay some on my always outstanding vet bill.

I thank God for the events that led up to my meeting this sweet woman. She went out of her way to make me feel comfortable from the time I knocked on her door, to when I left. All she asked was that I not share her full name with anyone I spoke to about her, or the town she lives in. She said she has learned from experience that people tend to take advantage of people like her with soft spots for animals.
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that's wonderful!!!!!! I'm very happy for you, and it's so great that you went through the trouble to find the kitties a good, loving, home. The world needs more hissies!
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That's wonderful news! I'm very happy for you, the cats and that kind lady who surely deserves their companionship. Thank you for sharing a "happy ending" story with us!

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That is so great! People like you and the wonderful lady that took in the babies makes me believe that there are alot of good people out there. Sometimes you only hear about the bad so it is extra nice to hear the good.

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your post made my day! thank you
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Wonderful news. This lady is very special and the man above will take very good care of her.

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Hissy!!!!!!!! Your post made my day, also!!!!!!
There are still wonderful decent people left in this world, among all the human garbage....sorry, but that's the truth....I am so thrilled you found such a kind lady to take your babies, and how absolutely wonderful of her to give you that money!!!! What goes around comes around....I am a firm beleiver of that...and God has rewarded your kind heart, through this lady.
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This is really a great story - that lady will surely be blessed -
Hissy - you did a great job - what a nice ending!
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