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some help needed...

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I'm currently looking for the VCD of this tv series called 3rd rock from the sun. I can't seem to find it in Singapore. I can't seem to be able to get any of the CD retailers to get it in. Where can I get the complete set of the series? Is there any place which I can order and import it from? Please let me know
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Perhaps try www.amazon.com
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Wooohoo a Dr. Phil fan! Something about a bald man and some wisdom is such a nice combo!

I love 3rd Rock from the Sun, it is a funny show that I love to laugh at everytime I see it!!!
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Kate, it hasn't been released as a DVD set yet, but it is in the works.
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I've tried amazon but I can't seem to get it. I'm not exactly looking for DVD but more of VCD. Do they come in separate seasons, piece by piece or in a full set over there in the States?
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I haven't seen 3rd rock available in any form anywhere as of yet. It is a funny show!
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I've seen the vcd in Singapore but the supplier has discontinued it. So I'm pretty sure US would have it though.. jellybelly, u love the show so much, do u think u know where I can get hold of the VCDs or any websites which i can download the shows from and burn it into a cd?
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Kate, the market here is a lot different than in Singapore. We generally have to wait for the official DVD release, which is whenever the studios get around to it. VCDs are really only known to hackers and computer geeks like my husband (he uses it to burn 80s rock videos that they don't show on TV much anymore!). Usually, we only get 1 season at a time of any TV show, unless it only ran for a couple seasons. The long running shows like 3rd Rock I'm sure will come out season by season.
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