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You guys I feel ugly....

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I'm having a really bad day. Not because of anything other then the fact that I feel like a whale today. I'm sorry but I feel like a failure because I lost 40 pounds originally and now I've gained 20 back! It's really depressing and I can't get my s/o to understand that is why I've been so down today. I'm so tired of eating all the time from my medication, it's horrible I swear!
I"m sorry to be such a downer but this is how I really feel today and I just wanted to get it off my chest. I wish I could magically go back and do something to keep the weight off. I hate it!
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hey jugen,

i know how u feel exactly..i'm big sized too and i've been trying to lose it too..when u lose some they come back again and sometimes with reinforcements too...
what i usually do abt such things is to just keep telling myself that i can do it..give myself more time and just let it's tough but somehow it makes u feel better..hope it helps u...ultimately how u feel abt yourself depends on u not on others..
post #3 of 18 least you are a good enough person to own up to your flaws...we all have them unfortunately. Just set little goals each day and try to stick to them. Make a mental picture in your mind what you would like to look realistic now..and take each day as it comes Good luck....and stay focused on your goal!
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Aw, Barb - you are very beautiful, both inside and out! Realize that you are your own worst critic, and you see those 20 pounds more than ANYONE else ever will! I totally understand what you are feeling, though. It's especially hard when you know that medication is partly or wholly to blame.

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Aww dont talk like that. I'm sure you are beautiful. Its a great achievement to lose weight. You should be proud of yourself!

(((((((( hugs )))))))))
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I feel that way sometimes too Don't worry, your cats think you are the most prettist mommy in the world that makes me feel better anyway

I try to focus on the good. I may not be thin and trim but I have certain fetures more women have to have altered to get and my hair is to "die for" or so i'm told

I'm sure you look wonderful!
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Barb, EVERYBODY yo-yos, with the weight. I've gotten back a few of the pounds that I lost during my divorce. Bill can't seem to see them and I've decided to ignore them.
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Weight is such a hard thing to deal with anyway, and then when you put meds on top of it, it is just *soooo* frustrating. I know how you feel, I'm dealing with meds that have the side effect of weight gain, too.

Several years ago, I lost about 50 pounds and kept it off until I started taking a medication whose main use was to help cancer/chemo patients maintain appetite and weight (that's not why I was using it, though). I gained 15-20 pounds, helped along by the holidays, and it has been nearly impossible getting it off. I started a new med this week, and have been off the appetite-stimulating one for about 3 weeks now, so I'm hoping that eating less and exercising will actually work now.

You just have to take it day by day, and do your best. I keep telling myself it's more important to treat my illness than to fit into my pants, but some days I'm not that convinced. We all have those down times, but we have to try to stay positive and, failing that, listen to those around us who are positive. My husband hasn't said word one about my weight gain, and still thinks I'm pretty sexy, even though these meds all give me chin hairs and gas - thank goodness love is blind...
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I am sorry you are having a rough time - I also struggle with weight and can understand how depressed you can feel when you feel like you are losing the battle. I am here for you if you need to talk.
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It is so hard when weight gain is caused by medication, but you can't allow it to turn into depression. When I am depressed, I eat. The only thing you can do is get up, give yourself a mental shake and start all over again. Take it one day at a time. Sometimes you will do really good and sometimes you won't.

I also started an excercise class. This has helped me so much. I feel better about myself and it is helping me to loose inches. I'm not worried about pounds or how much I weigh. I don't even know how much I weigh, but if my clothes are fitting a lot better a feel great!
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thanks guys. I needed that. I'm still not happy that I look huge! my s/o thinks I look fine but that's what he said before I lost all the weight. today so far, I've eaten nothing but poopy food. I don't even know why. Honey cooked us BBQ chicken legs and fresh corn on the cob, and I STILL had a huge bowl of ice cream right after it! and I wasn't even hungry! I just really wanted something sweet. I don't get it.
anyone know a good weight loss pill that I can take even though I am epileptic?
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hey there, dont be so hard on yourself, you will lose the weight, there are so many really good healthy diets out there these days, i know its hard ive dieted my self, but you just set your mind to it and do it. i gave up smoking after many years of doing it, cold turkey, but the diet thing is harder i know, but you still have lost 20 pds. look at it that way, and start over good luck and keep a postive outlook, like the little train --- i know i can i know i can
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Oh Barb you are such a lovely person and a beautiful one at that, I bet! Don't feel bad at yourself because of the medication , just enjoy life as much as yuo can, no one is going to notice those 20 pounds.

We all have days like this , and just remember those times when you got called Beautiful and give those kitties a hug when you feel down, we are always here to talk

love sam
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I was in a car accident on 5/20/02 and since then I've put on like almost 60lbs. At first I was slightly down about it BUT you know something I'm still beautiful, DAMN IT!!!!!!!! So I don't think you should go getting all down, I'm sure your a beauty inside and OUT!
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Please don't take diet pills. You may loose weight, but you'll gain it back. There are also side affects from diet pills and I'm sure you know that it is just not worth it.

It was OK to have ice cream after supper. The problem was with the amount. One scoop with satisfy your craving for something sweet. The best diet (this comes from my friend who is a dietician) is just cutting back and exercising. This is a life style change that will keep the pounds off once and for all.

You know, it suprises me how little makes me full. A small salad, a small slice of meat, some vegetables, some fruit and a small bowl of ice cream or a small slice of cake. Yes, you can eat deserts. It is all in portions. There is no food you cannot have, jut cut down the portion you have.

Like I mentioned above with diet pills. You can loose weight with all the fad diets that are out there. However, I will gaurantee you will gain it back and then some. I speak from experience.

By the way, you sound like you have quite a man that loves you just the way you area. You are very fortunate.
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Good evening
Was sorry to read of your post and at that time your predicament in respect of putting weight on.
I am not in a dissimilar situation as I have to take tablets and strong ones for depression. Have just gone from 10mg a day to 85mg a day and am starting to cope a lot better- however, anti depressants are not good news and being 33, its been very hard to admit to my wife that I have a problem after being married for the last 7.5 years.
There is no weight loss pill and all the hype that if you take this and that - it will make you lose lbs - it aint nor ever will happen.
As well as anti depressants, I have to take supplements as I do quite a lot of weight training and encourage others to do so as often as they can.
Weight training is the best form of excercise, it helps you work parts of the body that cannot be worked through jogging which places a lot of strain on the body and heart. I love the body building i do and have seen some great losses and better gains. Its so easy to turn fat into muscle, however, people dont realise it. Remember muscle is heavier than fat - however, its great to be toned and even though I will never grace the pages of the muscle mags, I look a lot better for what I do. I have lost a lot of weight - even though the tablets and I like to disagree. If you would like some help in training - then contact me direct and I can advise you on many aspects of training. You dont need hundreds of pounds of weight in dumbells - just to get you started - use a bag of sugar and curl with this. The weight falls off easily as long as you stick with the programme. In 12 weeks - you can transform yourself - I promise but its a lot of give to do it - I have !
In the meantime, drink loads of water - thats a great help - when you are hungry - your stomach craves something - water is best - or coffee - the stomach associates either as a food and allows you to feel full quickly.
The ball is in your court - if you want help - am always here to assist - even though have only been around for a couple of days. My final thought to you is a simple one.
There is not one man in life that cannot be amazed by the shape of a woman - I work with hundreds, married to one (thankfully) all shapes and sizes. You are a brilliant person inside and out - be thankful for that - now if you wanna lose some lbs - go and have a brisk walk- then some water and a shower and more water! You can do it and improve your health as well 100 per cent.
Body builder, cat lover and family man - who suffers with depression.
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Aw Barb, doesn't life suck some days? Every once in a while you just have to let go and cry or scream or VENT HERE. Diets are so difficult, and exercise even harder in our busy lives.

But set-backs are a part of diets, and you're on medication that isn't helping... sweetie, just try to focus on what you have lost. You obviously have the discipline to do it, and THAT'S what counts!!!!! You accomplished so much... you can do it again! AND DON'T FORGET IT! (Or I'll have to come over there and beat it into you!)

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I had always been ok weight wise until I hit about 42 years old. Suddenly everything I ate stayed with me. I just keep telling myself that plump people a couple of hundred years ago were the "rich and famous" types. And hey I have always been an old fashion kinda girl! Seriously it's not what's on the outside that counts its what's on the inside.
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