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Where's my thread?

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I don't know if this is where I should ask this, but where's the thread I started in Behavior?

I've been getting replies all afternoon and been answering them as well... but now it's gone... I did a search and I'm not finding anything I posted at all.
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Vixen, someone posted a very inappropriate reply that was not acceptable on a family site. It is under review by the moderators right now. Please check your Private Messages, at the very bottom of the main Forums page. I'm sure the moderator who removed it PM'ed you about it.
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Ahh... there it is... when I first posted this question I had NOT received a PM about it... that was the first thing I checked...

Now I must say I'm extremely upset about how this was handled. I am a very active member on several different forums and not on a single one of them would an entire, valid, thread be removed because of ONE response... do I agree that the offending post should have been modified or removed, yes... but not the entire post... especially since I still have not been able to find an answer that works for this cat. I do not appreciate how this situation was handled at all and I do not plan on returning to this forum in the future. I had started recommending this place to my friends since everyone seemed so knowledgable and helpful, now I am afraid I will have to take back my recommendations.
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Well, I am very sorry you feel that way. Each forum on the World Wide Web handles different situations differently. If we upset you with the way this one was handled, then our apologies to you. But this is a privately owned and run forum. I know for a fact that the moderator who removed your post didn't delete it, only moved it to our Under Review section until further action could be decided upon.

Good luck to you in whatever your future brings you. I hope you find the answers you need for your cat wherever you go to next.
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Just so you are aware Vixen, the thread has been returned to Behaviour. It was edited for content on one of the replies, the person that posted an inappropriate response had to have it removed.

Thank you for understanding.
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