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Do your cats like cake?

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Little Mythie continues to amaze us...
she's not afraid of the vacuum
she sits IN the tub when you're showering...
she burrows under the covers at night...
she's developed a liking for sugee cake!!

Not to mention uncooked broccoli...
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Wieland use to love any veggie or fruit. He'd attack you for it..
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Peaches doesn't like anything sweet. But she does like it when I cut chicken up into tiny pieces for her! She is also not afraid of the vacuum! She just looks bored with it when I turn it on like she's saying: "...oh great... there she goes with that noisey stick again."
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He'd attack you for it..
WOW! Maybe he was a rabbit in his last life.... i'mconvinced zooey was a hairdresser in her last life... she's always grooming the other two.
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Please don't feed your cat sugared treats. Although the sugar will eventually break down in the digestive tract, it can cause problems for the cat later on. If you want to feed your cat something different, cooked carrots mashed and cooked green beans mashed and mixed in with their food is fine. But don't deviate from the diet they were meant to have, they are carnivores.
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i didn't know that

[she only had a nibble though...]
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Oh that's good! I thought maybe you gave her a big piece of it-
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hey, my kitties eat a whole lot of junk though..not that we feed them but they just tend to snatch it away from me and my family members. I'm not sure if you guys in US would know but in Singapore during Chinese New Yr, we have this festive food that we call Bak Kwa. It's actually bbq sliced meat and most ppl eat it during new yr.My two kids fight over that and they do attack me and my family when they dun get any...another one is probably the pork floss..they are nuts over it...well, it's only once in a while so just let them be..
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When you said 'sugee' were you referring to what is typical name for what we call cream of wheat? If so, heck I think anyone would want to eat that cake. It is absolutely yummy!!!!! And a different way to cook cream of wheat!

I trained mine to not eat our food, the vet that I took him to when he was little when he had his first and only thus far digestive problem, told me not to and this was when my mother n law was trying to feed him sweets and whatever food we were eating. My JB listened to me so he isn't too much into eating our food but as of late, he is getting into taking a lick out of my son's baby cereal, but I think it's a comfort thing for him since he sees me feeding him, he wants to join in on the fun and not feel left out. I think
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my cat likes chocolate frosted fudge poptarts.. When I eat one he usually jumps up and tries to take a bite but I heard before that sugar is bad for cats, so all he gets is the little crumbs.. One day I left one on the desk to get the phone and when I came back he had stolen it.. I got most of it back tho lol
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Fred likes cherry Pop Tarts, but only a few little bites of the inside.
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Anna chocolate will kill cats. It is very toxic, and also highly desirable to them as well. I have one that if I don't bury the wrapper to a cupcake deep in the trash, she will dig it out and take off with it! Be very careful with chocolate anything and don't feed them to your dog or cat. I know you said you only give crumbs, but honestly, I wouldn't even trust a crumb of chocolate in the system of a cat.
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ack.. i heard chocolate was bad but i didn't really think pop tarts counted.. I never would have even thought about giving an animal chocolate til I saw my bf's mom giving her dog hershey bars all the time.. Luckily I don't eat that much chocolate to begin with.. Roxy also steals my beef jerky but that should be fine right?
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