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Baby With VERY Stuffed Nose

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One of my four week old kitten has a URI. The vet put him on Amoxi twice daily. His nose is SO stuffed that he is breathing out of his mouth, but still gasping for air. I called the vet and he said that once the medicine kicks in he'll be fine. The poor baby cant nurse b/c he's breathing out of his mouth. I put Vapor Rub under his nose to help clear the passage and it helped a little, but not too much. I am suctioning out his nose as needed.

Is there anything else I can do to help him breath easier? I was thinking fill the bathroom with steam and sit in there with him and suction as it comes out. Think that'll work?


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You can try that or make a mini chamber with a vaporizer. (The humidifyer would be too hot.) Just a few minutes at a time and don't let him get too wet.This will also add moisture to his lunds and help to hydrate him. You may want to tube feed him to make sure he doesn't get dehydrated. If you don't know how sometimes a tech will do it for free at the pet ER. I'm lucky that my vet is open til 10pm week nights.
Keep us posted OK?
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When my kitten had the same thing, I used to run the shower and sit on the floor with him in the bathroom until the bathroom filled with steam and it did help a little I think. I would not put vapor rub on him though. He may lick it or get it in his eyes and that would probably burn.
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I would also nix using the Vapo Rub on such a small kitten. Your vet can prescribe better medicine for your kitten than that.
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I just tube fed hm 6cc of Kitten Glop. I then gave him an injection of Amoxi instead of the oral. That should kick in faster.

He is sleeping now and seems to have ups and downs. He will sit there with his head up the air gasping for air. Then he'll lay down and go to sleep.I guess I'll take it hour by hour and if I have to rush him in I'll go.

I'll keep you posted...
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Good luck with your baby! Healing vibes coming your way!
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Poor kitty! He's so young! Mine was 8 to 10 weeks when he had URI, and we are still fighting it on and off. He is 6 months now. He used to do the same thing with his head straight up in the air with his mouth open, I think they breathe easier like that, but its so sad when they get so sleepy and try to stand up and breath like that. I used to put mine on my chest and hold him there and that seemed to comfort him. Did you try the shower running in the bathroom to loosen his congestion? I had to syringe feed mine too when he was sick because he couldnt smell to be interested in eating. I just gave him very small amounts to make sure he didnt inhale any food since he was breathing out of his mouth. I sure hope he will be ok. I know when mine had it so young I had alot of sleepless nights making sure he was ok.
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Is your baby a peke-face persian? If so you want to be careful about the sinus infections they tend to get. The bacteria becomes lodged into their small passages and can cause all sorts of problems down the road. Good luck!
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I had him in the shower a bit but having the water running seemed to stress him out more so I took him out.

He freaks out when I pick him up and tries to bite me. He is usually SO affectionate and always wants to be held.

He is very extreme, just like his mamma, but she has very few problems.

When I go to bed I am going to set my alarm for every two hours so that I can keep a close eye on him. Hopefully this will be the worst of it and he'll be better soon.

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Poor baby, I hope both of you get a good rest.
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Well he made it through the night OK. I wear contacts and couldnt tell if he was breathing when I would check on him, so I ould wake him up and he'd start screaming which I was happy about. At least he's still fiesty.

I am going to be taking him to a different vet today. See what he has to say.

I'll let you know what he says.

Thanks for all the support

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I had to rush him to the emergency hospital. The vet thinks it Calici Virus. I have NO clue how he could have gotten it. All my cats are vaccinated for FVRCP and I have not added any new cats.

He is staying there for a few hours. He was dehydrated and his temp was down. They are going to put him on oxygen to help his breathing. They gave him a shot of Prednisone and an antibiotic.

Has anyone had any experience with this? How could he have gotten it? How do I prevent my other cats from getting it? Should I keep him separated from everyone, including his mom until he's better?

I read that once they have it they are carriers, does this mean he is always going to be passing it on to other cats?

Please help me figure this out. I am so lost!

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My little Jack didnt make it. He was doing better for a little bit but than became worse. The vet was not optimistic and said that he thought it was a severe case of pneumonia. He was euthanised a little while ago.

He was such a little angel and I wish he could have stayed longer.
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I am so sorry for your loss. It is with great sadness that I move this to Crossing the Bridge.

You have my heart
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I'm so sorry to hear about Jack, You're in my thoughts!

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I'm so sorry you lost him, I was hoping for a good outcome for him.
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So sorry to hear about Jack. I will be thinking of you.
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You did your best to help little Jack, may he rest in peace.
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