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Toilet paper Shredding

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HELP! I can't figure out who's doing this ( I think it might be Jorin) but he keeps shredding our toilet paper! THey have a nice big cat tree in the living room, several sisal boards all over the house, and they still have to shred our toilet paper! It doesnt matter which way it is on the roll, or even if it's just sitting out waiting to replace a nearly-empty roll. I have tried spraying with a citrus/grapefruit spray, and that hasn't helped. I don't know what to do! I'll attach some pics of the damage when I'm not at school.
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Put a rubber band around the roll or move the roll up higher on the wall out of the cat's reach. Or keep the door shut so the cat can't go in there and play.
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I just keep both my bathroom doors closed at all times. This also eliminates toilet bowl drinking also.
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unfortunately they're not just shredding loose toilet paper, they're tearing it up on the roll itself. and the bathroom doors don't close properly, they just pop open
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Well then you are narrowing down your choices Either fix the doors so they close properly....or go with what Hissy suggested at the post above. I have a 1 year old cat that I have had for 9 months. She does not even know what a roll of toilet paper looks like. The doors have been closed for 9 months with NO problems. And NO risk of her or my other cats drinking toilet bowl cleaner infested toilets...which is very poisonous to animals. I have seen one cat die from drinking out of a toilet bowl freshly cleaned by a friend Why risk it?
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Marcy, you can also take an empty roll tube (the cardboard inside the TP) or maybe a couple of them, cut a slit lengthwise and fashion a guard that you put around the roll when not in use. That way they can't shred or unroll. Especially at the beginning, I would use Hissy's idea of using a rubber band to make sure your guard won't just pop off the roll of TP.
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Thanks for the suggestions. I'm going to keep my eye out for a covered TP holder or something similar. Until then, I'll keep it in the cabinet. BTW- our lids on our toilets are always down when not in use. And to be on the safe side, I don't use cleanser tablets or such, in case a guest forgets.
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I know that isn't funny, but my Leo used to do that. He started doing it right after a tv commercial aired, showing a cat doing that and making a bed out of it. Who says tv doesn't corrupt!
Rubbermaid makes a stand up container that holds 4 rolls, and has a secure cover, Maybe that would work for you.
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