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Travis has a hair fettish

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One of our cats, Travis has this hair thing going on. He is 7 yrs. old. He was a stray. We have had him for about 5 yrs. now and he loves to climb on top of my head and rub it with his chin. Sometimes he rubs so hard that you even get teeth in your scalp. And let me tell you, You have to keep an eye out for the drool too Oh, and you can't move around too much or you get the claws just enough to say "stay still". Doesn't matter what we are doing, sleeping, watching tv, or sitting at the kitchen table talking on the phone. HE LOVES HAIR !!!! Anybody else have this happen to them ?? It is the funniest thing. It is a barrel of laughs when he tries to do it to any company we have at the house. LOL
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Yeah, Sesame chiken is the same way, he usually waits 'til I'm trying to go to sleep before he starts "grooming" my head though, my son has this issue with him too.I guess my bf just doesn't have enough hair left on top to warrant the same treatment...
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My Abyssonian Rocket will kneed my hair before I fall asleep and when the alarm goes off in the am.(We hit snooze for some kitty lovin time) It's really strange but he loves to do it, so I let him. he also loves pettings so after he is done, he will crawl up on my chest and purr and drool while I pet him.
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My Father doesn't have much hair either but Travis will take what he can get when dad comes for a visit
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yes, jugen Travis does the same thing. It is soooo cute!!
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Hmmm....maybe it is his shampoo, come to think of it he uses that Citri shine stuff
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Maybe the shampoo. Not really sure why they do it, but he loves it!!!
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I think he's grooming me, just like he does the kittens and our mama cat,he's very affectionate, more so than our girls.
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My boy boy does that too..he likes to sleep on my hair and nibbles on them..somehow he doesn't eat them but just bites...now that he's older, he has stopped the habit and moved on to other things to bite on...
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Travis usually licks my roommates hair till it's wet He likes to nibble too but mostly he rubs his chin on our heads. He is quite a goofball I am going away this weekend but when I come back, I will post a pic of him on Sheila's head. You will all get a kick out of it. I'm sure.
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A friend's cat, Tigger, absolutely loved hair. If you were sitting on the couch, he'd jump on the back and start grooming you. The only problem was that he'd occasionally bite on your hair and yank! It usually ended up with the person jumping and yelling, and Tigger stalking off with a smile on his face (I hate to see what kind of hairballs he had!)
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Just loved the "visuals" thanks!
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Twig, my gray tabby will take his paw and sort of pull on my haor if he wants your attention and you're asleep, if you don't respond he will grab a chuck of hair in his mouth and PULL! Not the kind of thing I like waking up to every night, but I still love him emmensely.
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My cat named Rolling Kitty (due to his adoration of rolling around on the floor) LOVES to play with my hair. If I have it up in a bun he rubs his cheeks on it and if it's down he licks and bites it. I thought he was the only one, though it sounds like he's not as obsessed with hair as your cat!
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Peanut, a past cat, loved hair spray. One evening, I had styled my hair, with a hairpiece of cascading curls and was sitting up on the bed. Peanut jumped onto the headboard and began rooting around and pulling at the curls.

Whenever I had hairspray on, Peanut would burrow his face in my hair. This was when I wore it very long and, at night, Peanut would sleep on my pillow, face in my hair.

Opie is now pulling at my hair and playing with it, when its sprayed.
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