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Cat Extermination at NIPSCO in Wheatfield, IN

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I need some advice on the following subject:

My father works at NIPSCO (the local power company) in Wheatfield, IN. Since the plant has opened there has been a wild cat population there. In fact, most of the cats I had throughout childhood came from the plant as kittens. There have never been any problems with the cats and the workers (except one manager who recently claimed a cat jumped on his chest as he was walking down the hall to get an apple that he was eating). Most of the cats live outside as the plant is in the middle of the country. This past week they have initiated an extermination program of ALL the cats, including one that the workers donated money to have fixed.

I was wondering if anyone can give me advice as to what actions we could take to prevent this. As it is occurring right now, we need to act fast.

Thank you,
Cassandra Kiger
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Here are a couple of websites if they are in your area, contact them about this:




Best of luck!
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OMG how awful! Good luck! I hope you can stop them!
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You need to contact your local news: TV, radio, newspaper. You will need a plan as to how the cats will be cared for. Discuss this with the press. Get other folks involved who are sympathatic to your cause. Start a petition. Contact Alley Cats.org. Send me an e-mail and I can provide additional information. DONT GIVE UP! I live in an apt complex where I trap strays/ferals to have them S/N. To repeat myself get as many people involved as you can.

Carolyn & Kactus Kritters (Rachael, the Sheltie who loves kitties: Miracle Kitty Brina, Jesse James, Teddy Bear, Meicka, Feral Maggie, and Fosters Tuxie & Foxie)
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Thank you for trying to help these cats! Please let us know if we can help ... I for one would be happy to send emails on behalf of saving the cats.
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Sending e-mails is a great idea! Its all about being PROACTIVE!
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You may not personally believe in PETA; but it surely is a good organization to contact.
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