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Older/Younger Kitties are Driving me Nuts!

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My husband brought home a stray kitten (DC) back in December and he is now about 8 months old. Back in March I took in my mother's 10 year old cat (Archie). For the most part they seemed to get along fairly well - they would play, though sometimes a little rough. The younger one would jump on the older cat and basically get on the older cat's nerves at times. Lately, though, it seems like DC has been harassing the older one more and picking fights with him. The older cat is not a fighter (they are both neutered)and ends up being chased around the house, growling and spitting at the little boy. This does not deter him and I can't seem to phase his aggressiveness. Sometimes, DC will just be in the vicinity of Archie, just minding his own business and Archie will sit and growl at him. Archie has been an only cat for most of his life, but I think that if DC would just leave him alone he would be fine. Is it because DC is at an age that he is trying to show his "masculinity", so to speak? Or could he be trying to show who is the boss of the house?
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My guess is that DC needs a playmate. At that age they are very active. It may settle with time and DC finally gets the hint that Archie does NOT want to play. I have an older cat that everyone has learned not to mess with. However, all my cats have someone similar in age to play with. If it is an option and you can afford it, you may want to get a younger cat for DC to run and play with.
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Thanks, Sandie. Actually, that thought did cross my mind but I think if I got another cat my husband would be the one driving me nuts!
Ha! I also thought that the two of them might just gang up on poor Arch. I think, for now, I will just wait and see if he starts to grow out of it and try and keep him occupied with his toys. Thanks again.
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If your cats have always gotten along together and then one suddenly begins attacking the other it may be a sign that the "victim" is sick! When a cat becomes ill, his/her scent changes. This change in smell makes the other cat believe there is an intruder in the house and the natural thing to do is to attack the intruder! So, it may be a good idea to take Archie to the vet for a quick check-up to see whether he is a bit under the weather.

Good luck!
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Well, that is interesting. I did not realize that when a cat is sick his scent changes. I don't think that is the case here, though, because they never really have gotten along that well. They occasionally play together but that usually doesn't last very long and Archie acts perfectly fine. What is also interesting is that I took DC to the vet today and he was there most of the day, and when I brought him home Archie just growled and spit whenever DC was in his vicinity, even when DC was just laying near him and not threatening him in any way. Maybe he smelled other animals on him or maybe it was because DC was not feeling too well.

Thanks for the info!!
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I think the scent of the vets place is what probably got to him. Most cats remember the smell and how unpleasant it was when they were there. So any time one of the others goes to the vet, the scent will be there when they get back.

I too have a cat that was use to being alone. I took in a small kitten that had been abused. Mikko hisses and growls at Mimurr but doesn't attack him. They got along fine in the winter, but once spring came and I started letting Mikko out, things changed. Not sure why.

Also, I have tried washing them one after the other, hoping that having the same scent will do something. But that hasn't worked for me. Actually, it's when Mikko sees him that he growls. Both are healthy and neutered. Some cats just don't like company. I know Mikko might never change. But he'll have to put up with it or I'll keep them seperated when winter comes.

Hope you have better luck.. I'm going to try a thing called no scent. It's suppose to work on giving off the scent that will keep both cats calm. (hmmm prozac maybe)

Take care

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Archie has calmed down a bit but he still growls at DC whenever he gets too close. It may be that he is warning DC to stay away and leave him alone. I bet the vet smell had a lot to do with it, you get all kinds of smells there!

DC does have bronchitis and some kind of strange disorder that makes him produce a high level of enzymes in his liver. The vet can't find any cause from the tests they have run so far and DC acts fine. I wonder of Archie can sense that.

Hopefully, these two will "just learn to get along". Poor Arch feels so abused, I'm sure. I hope your kitties start to get along better too, Ann. I guess they just get used to being alone and some just can't take having another kitty in their territory. I will have to check into that "no scent" also, that could help (I do like the Prozac idea, though). Please let me know if you do try it and how it works. Thanks for your help!!
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