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Cute Picture's!

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Thanks for the great pic's. The top one reminds me of Cody when he was a kitten. How Sweet are they ????
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I love the 'image' that women & men have. And the last pic with the can in his hand and belly spread out is Fuuuunny!
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The first kitty looks to be stretching out for a hug.
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a kitty potato...
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Those kitten pics are just adorable!

Another cute pic:
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LOL Awwwww! What sweet pictures!

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I think kittie Potato has a drinking problem
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Those are cute! But I'm gonna turn you in to animal welfare for giving the kitty a beer!

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you guys may have already seen these, but I thought they were adorable...just received them in an email.
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another one...
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one more...
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they are so sugary sweet....
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those were so cute and funny, that dogs tounge was bigger than that kitten
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These are all great pictures! Love the Shephard and the Tuxedo kitten.

The best picture of all though is the one of the solider and the Calico cat. Just think about the comfort that one touch had for that solider. This picture has a very powerful image. Great Picture!
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