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anti-social kitty

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Help! When I adopted Scout and Peek-a-boo a year ago as kittens, Scout was very adventurous and friendly, while Peek-a-boo would hide until she was sure everything was okay. Now, Peek-a-boo thinks the world is here to pet her (which, of course, we are), but Scout is terrified of people!!!! She's incredibly affectionate with me, even demanding about being groomed and played with. As soon as I come home from work, she runs to the door to greet me. But when other people come over, she runs and hides. If she does come out, it's to hiss at the invading humans. As far as I know, no one has ever been mean to her, so why does she act this way? Is there a way to get her to not hiss at people? She also refuses to let me trim her claws. Any advice about that?

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Just like people have different temperaments (some shy, some outgoing), so do cats. Out of my six cats, I have two who are very brave and outgoing, three who prefer not to be around strangers, but who warm up to others rather quickly, and one who hides whenever there are other people in the house, and still hisses at me when I surprise him even though he has lived with me for 10 years.

So, just be happy that you have a wonderful couple of cats and respect the fact that one of the two is shy.

Regarding nail clipping, if you do a search (see button near top of page) you will find many threads about how to do this.
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