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Neuter Cat- Entire Female

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Over the last few years a neutered cat of mine "Elmo" has been choosing , what happens to be the "prettiest" of my Entire(Not Desexed Females) , and has been "mating" them.. well trying to and we werr wondering how we can prevent this?

Do we give Elmo a hormone shot?
Do you we have to seperate them?
Should we cage one?( )

Thanks for any help.
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Sam, I have no clue about this kind of stuff. Do you think Sandie or Ken on the Breeders forum might know?
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- Perhaps they will know, could it be moved?

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Your wish is my command!
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Oh you rock Renae! Thank you, lets see if I can get some much needed help

Cheers! Sam
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Problem Solved.

Elmo is on Hormone pills and now he thinks he's a girl!
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LOL! Sam..you crack me up!
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LOL - We went and asked the vet for a hormone injection after doing some research and deciding this was the best possible thing- and we went to the vets and she said she had run out of injections but we could give him a 2 week course of tablets, but she said there are some side effects, He will get much larger in weight , but a chubby zotzot is gorgeous and he will start thinking he's a female ..lol and he does he rolls all over the floor and 'bunts' the other boy kitty 'Yogi' LOL

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On the upside of this, if you continue to let him have his way with your girls, at least it will throw them out of heat for a little bit. It doesn't harm them and the annoying cries for kitty sex arent so annoying anymore.
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Hi Ken.

My Adult Females stay away from him, but my 3 kittens can't handle him and we are worried it will hurt their backs.
We have a vasectimised stud and he will be used when he needs to be.My kittens aren't even actually calling when he "rides" them, he's just a big old sleaze

Thanks though..... we have sorted this problem for the moment anyways!
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Oops.. didn't realize he wasa trying to play with the kittens...
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lol it's ok.

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