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Need some board magic...

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I've been having really bad headaches off and on for the last two weeks, sometimes accompanied with numbness on one side of my face, and my bottom lip. I've got to go see my family doctor today, and shes going to shcedual me for a CAT Scan. I'm not only nervous about the results, I'm extremely claustrophobic and am terrified of being put into that machine...

I could use some good thoughts and prayers that all turns out well
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Melissa - sending good healing thoughts your way.

I haave been in a catscan machine many times (at lest 5) and it isn't to claustro (compared to an MRI). I am also very claustrophobic and I survived. I hope that every thing is ok!
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Sending prayers your way

The CAT scan machine isn't too bad; the ones I've been in were open at the top & bottom - you lay down on the table and just the area that needs to be scanned goes in the tube. It helps to try to breathe slowly and think of a peaceful place.

Get well soon
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A couple of months ago I had to have a CAT scan because of headaches and I am very claustrophobic but they now have the open kind and they are not bad at all. I have said a prayer for you. Wish you the best of luck on the results. Mine turned out to be tenison headaches, hope it will be the same for you.
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tons of vibes coming you way. Have you been having alot of caffine or chocolate? Sometimes that gives me headaches and numbness.
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No more caffeine and chocolate than usual

It started one night at work, I saw spots before my eyes when i was looking at the computer screen, that graduated to getting 'tunnel vision' and finally to total blindness in my left eye. The left side of my face, and bottom lip went numb at that time too, and I was dizzy. Its only lasted about 20 mins, but its recurrence is what has me worried.
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wow, I hope everything turns out okay. that is really scary. Maybe it is a pinched nerve or something?
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Tons of positive energy being sent to you Melissa!
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I hope its nothing serious. My hubby is worried sick- he tends to take things like this way more seriously than I do.

I was concerned about blood clots, because I am going to have a varicose vein removed in my left leg in the next few months. The vein walls 'leak', causing bruises and theres a high risk of clots forming.

A friend of mine said she has similar symptoms when shes having a migraine. Maybe thats all it is?
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I have migraines and some of those things happen, like spots in front of my eyes. However, I have never had numbness before. I am sending good vibes your way. I hope all goes well.
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Melissa, I wish you comfort and calmness during your test, and I am sending good vibes your way.
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I found this site (American Council for Headache Education) that has some good info on the migraine aura. Numbness in the face can be a part of a migraine aura.

I hope everything goes well and the CATscan doesn't bother you too much!
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Good luck Melissa! If Gary survived it, you will do just fine!!! He is EXTREMELY scared of those machines - it took several hours to complete an MRI because he kept moving he was so scared. I went in there with him and held his foot - but it didn't help a whole lot. The next time I brought a book and read to him while holding his foot. Maybe hubby could do the same for you? Although CAT scans are real quick compared to the MRIs.

Gary has migraines, and those are his symptoms. It also sounds like it could be a nerve or Bell's Palsey. Bell's Palsey is a condition (they now think it's a virus akin to herpes) that causes swelling of the nerve into the face. It can be EXTREMELY painful and it can paralyze one side of your face. When this first happened to Gary we thought he'd had a stroke. It is easily treated with anti-viral medication and is not a permanent condition - though it can come back. He's had four or five episodes of this condition in the past three years.

Either way, I hope they find the problem and soon. No one should have to live with pain like that.
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Good Luck Melissa! Lots of positive vibes coming from New Zealand to you!

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Melissa, We're here for you. Please let us know as soon as you hear anything.
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I hope everything goes well Melissa. I'm thinking and praying and sending all the board magic I can your way.
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Thanks guys- its nice to know there are people who care

Laurie- the doctor mentioned Bell's Palsey, but seemed to think that we could rule that out for some reason.

I'm not sure if hubby will be able to go with me, as he works during the day. Hes super busy with new clients these days and can't take much time off
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Best of luck with the tests! Magic coming from me to you!
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Positive thoughts and prayers are on the way!!!
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