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What a great feeling

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When you realize that your cat trusts you and loves you.


Last nite my landlord came down with her 8 yr old daughter to show me some clothes to possibly borrow.. anyway, the kid ran straight to Zoey "kitty!!!!!!!!!!" and proceeded to pick her up Zoey hates to be picked up. I told her, "please dont pick her up, she doesnt like that" Zoey let out this awful meow while she was trying to pick her up as well. So I'm talking to the landlord whilst watching the kid and Zoey out of the corner of my eye. She is trying to play with her with her feather, but just banging it in front of her.. not playing the right way... Zoey keeps hopping from spot to spot trying to escape the kid meowing the whole time! Then the kid tries to rub her belly.. I'm like "She's going to bite you." I believe Zoey hates kids because she was raised around them and the owners surrendered her for biting them. I cant say I blame Zoey Kids are just too rough with them.

The part I'm getting to is eventually Zoey came running over to me and started rubbing on my legs. I dunno it made me feel so good.. like she was saying to me that she wanted me to save her LOL or that she feels safe near me.

The fact that I've only had Zoey for a few months is incredible as well. I cant imagine how much trust I'll gain years down the road.
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That's a great feeling! She knows she's found the home she wants!

(What a nerve-racking experience, though - I do wish more parents would make an effort to teach their kids how to behave around would save a lot of grief for animals and for the kids & parents)
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When my friends come over to visit, Max will come out after they've been there a while. He will sneak around the corner to see where I'm sitting and he will run to me and sit under my legs or will jump in my lap. He's not taking any chances on the person. If they talk to him he will eventually jump off my lap to make give his greetings to the visitor.
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Poor kitty. It's too bad that some kids don't know how to be gentle to cats. It's so sweet when they learn how though.
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awwwww how cute!!
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It would have great results if the teachers had to do a week of repecting animals. I think it would lessen the amount of law suites against animal owners. Parents that aren't knowledgable(sp??) themselves try to say the animal is vicious and should be put down. Legally a lot of animal owners loose their pets to this. It is cruel and I believe that if children were tought in school how to handle an animal and how to know if it wants to be left alone, then there would be great results. I think I will do a poll about this.
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my kitties do not like little kids either. If there is ever a child in the house I sit them down and tell them the rules about the cats before they are allound to see them. If they break the rules all the cats get put in the bedroom until the kid leaves.
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Sicy that's lovely! Naughty kid thou , Glad everything worked out!

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That is so touching, Sicy! How wonderful that Zoey is so happy, and you are so happy with her. You're soulmates!
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That is a great feeling. I'm also glad to hear that my lovely Otis isn't the only demon psycho cat who doesn't like kids or to be picked up or strangers in the house and yet is the snuggliest (is that a word?)cat around me, well, when he wants to be that is. Good foe Zoey!
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Thanks for the responses and sharing of stories! I think parents should take the time to teach their kids about animals.. especially cats since they're so god dang moody Landlord also has a small dog, and they had a rabbit so it shocks me that the kid wouldnt have any clue how to act around a cat. Hell when I was 8 I think I was scared of strangers cats LOL I would never just run up to them and pick them up.. I would always be afriad that they dont know me and may bite or scratch me.

Zoey LOVES adults. She will great them when they come over, no matter who they are.. but when she sees a kid she starts acting all freaky. Bad memories me thinks

I'm so happy with Zoey and I am so glad she is in the right home now and I can show her much love and receive it in return
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Sicy, your cats are darlings!!! I just visited your websites and visited Zoey's and I lmao on the sidedemon yawn!! She has a lot of expressions!! And you are pretty also might I add!!!

My cat JB hates kids, I think mainly because this little girl I used to babysit was like that freaky Animaniacs girl that would 'love 'em and squeeze 'em and hug 'em' type girls. But then she met my Mango, poor mango and just would not let go of her and I would literally hide her and she would find her somehow and just squeeze the living daylights out of her and Mango hated people already, mainly because she was so shy of them and it seemed she didn't have a good owner when she was born, but anyway, I finally told that girl to leave her alone, I would close the door and tell her that Mango was sick and that JB was sleeping. Then her father got her another cat that she could squish on. I guess they are used to her squishing them Anyway....JB is pretty good though, when kids come over, he'll hide in the closet and stay there, but he loves adults, especially us women, he loves to rub and hang around us. He's a little playa'
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Originally posted by Jellybelly
Sicy, your cats are darlings!!! I just visited your websites and visited Zoey's and I lmao on the sidedemon yawn!! She has a lot of expressions!! And you are pretty also might I add!!!
lol.. thank you I love catching Zoey's expressions on film And you are very sweet!!

lol @ little playa
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Good thing Zoey did not take a bite out of the brat.....people are so sue happy now a days About the only thing ya can do is warn the mother before hand about Zoey and kids, or put her in another room. Zoey loves you very much.....she knows that you have made her very famous at TCS...She knows that her mom is her protector when she is fearful Glad it worked out well.
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Sicy, you're so....... so......... so......... DARN CUTE! Ok so I couldn't think of what I wanted to say!
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Zoey's had her rabies shots so that's a good thing She's never broken skin but I wouldnt be surprised if she'd break a kid's skin.
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Kids at that age just move too quickly for my three cats. That tends to spook the hell out of them....they are adult owned and are not use to kids because I do not have any of the monsters..LOL. They love adults tho...and are right there to see who is visiting....
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Yep I think that has a lot to do with it.. moving fast.

It's weird though I would always think cats wouldnt be to afraid of kids cuz they're small But they are also rambunctious so ya. I still think she was traumatized by kids growing up.
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Zoey's a smart cookie cat, she knows she's loved and safe with you, and obviously returns the love
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