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oooh, you FINALLY unpacked my kitty flier...

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I was unpacking and found one of Mr's favorite toys, and it happened to be the night we had borrowed a friend's digital camera! Woohoo...finally got a picture!
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I'll catch it any second now...
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and my favorite giant fuzzy rat, and she even sprinkled catnip on the carpet for me! Life is good. I think I'll have a nap soon.
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How cute Look at those adorable blue softpaws!! Stylin' kitty
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Cute pictures! It's so funny how they just remember their absolute favorite toys no matter how long it's been.

And are those stylish blue Soft Paws I see??
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Thanks! Yes, those are softpaws - they're really great. I use a different color on each cat so I can tell who's lost one...

Here's Oreo:
"you've been out here messing around with these boxes for a while now...sure you don't need some help?"
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Too cute!
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Ohhhhh lovely. Cute kitties. Hope soon I can catch some shots like that. I only seem to get the snoozing shots.
The other day, when my camera was at my granddaughters, Chewy was up on his cat tree near the edge. He was cleaning then hung his head over the side. I just knew he was going to roll and fall off. lol He didn't tho. D@m I wish I had had my camera.
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That's why I really want to get a digital can just keep taking pictures and erasing them!

I have countless photos on my good ol' 35mm of my cats' backsides, the backs of their heads, blurry paws, the spot where they were sitting before the camera clicked, etc.

I really would like to know how Sicy gets all those good pics of Zoey.
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my camera does that blurry thing to. I'm trying ot save up for a camera like sicy's.
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do you know what kind she uses?
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I think it is a kodak, I have it written down at home some where. I'll try to find it tonight.

Sicyyyyyy what kinda camera ya got???
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e-bay is a good place for cameras. I love digital but I do end up with lots of blurred images, they move too quickly! But it's fun to just delete and start over w/o wasting film like regular cameras.
Tux, what are 'softpaws'? I thought you painted the nails blue?
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do you like soft paws? I was thinking about getting them for some of my kitties. Most of them are really really good with there claws but I think the girls would look so cute with them on
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AWWW !!!! How sweet.
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What are softpaws if it's not a rude question?

Very cute kitties, I think Sicy & I have the same digital camera

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Soft Paws are like fake nails for kitty! Seriously, they are nail caps so that kitty can't damage furniture, carpet or walls when they scratch. A very good alternative to declawing!
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It's not a rude question at all!

Softpaws are little vinyl caps that you glue on over your cat's natural claws after trimming off the claw tips. They keep my determined scratchers from damaging the furniture. They should only be used on indoor cats that don't need their claws for protection or climbing. Much better than declawing, because it's temporary and doesn't hurt the cats.

I've had pretty good luck with them. If you want to use them, you'll need to be able to handle your furbabies' paws. Some vets will put them on for you, though. The first few times I used them the cats just pulled them right off again, but then they got used to them. The trick for me has been to distract the cats by playing with them or feeding them for a few minutes after the caps are applied, then they forget about them. Now they last about 6 weeks per application. Also, I started out using the clear caps so I would know how much glue to use, then switched to the colors. Now the crew is stylin'

Also, if you like cute cat pictures, check out the photo gallery on the softpaws website.
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Tuxedo Kitties... Beautiful cats!
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Oh those are great pics! Love the softpaws!

I have a Kodak DX3500. It's only a 2.3 pixal though but it does the job

The more pixals the better!
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