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do your cats help you judge people

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I have decided that my loki is a better judge of people than I am and whenever someone new comes into my home I watch for his reaction. He is usually right on the money. Has anyone else done this?
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I do agree that animals especially cats have a sensitivity to people and what they are like. My kittens have only been here a short time so have not met that many people yet.
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For sure..if my cats are wary of someone so am I. Anyone who reacts badly towards my cats is leaving my house poste haste.
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Cats definitely have a certain instinct when it comes to people. LONG before I became a cat person (I hated cats 20 years ago), I cat sat for my Dad when he was on his honeymoon (with my stepmonster). Jessie was a Maine Coone and she knew I didn't like cats much (I would never do anything to hurt them). The whole time she hid under my waterbed and hissed at me when she sat in the window. I have since become reformed and adore any and every cat I come in contact with (that's why I have 7). So I can attest to the fact that cats can tell when people don't like them.
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I really think that cats just have this basic instinct about them, that tells them if a person is good or bad, trustworthy or not, loyal or deceitful......too bad we don't have the same instinct.....it could save us all a lot of heartache.
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Satey has been very accurate in judging people also. It never ceases to amaze me.
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I can only agree with all of you!
When I first took my boyfriend to my place I warned him that if Eric didn't like him, it might change my opinion too. Well, my boy was not head over heels for cats then but to my surprise Eric totally fell for him. There we are now three years later and my boyfriend loves Eric beyond all measure. He call him baby kitty and kitty child he he. Makes me laugh when I think how he tried to persuade me that he actually didn't love Eric.
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