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A Mixed Blessing

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Yesterday, I was on my way home from work on Interstate 95, which is alternately a crawl and a speedway. The driver in front of me tried to change lanes (without signalling, a Philadelphia tradition ) and at the last minute, changed her mind and braked. I tried to stop, but our cars collided. Both the other driver and I were able to walk away. Her car looks waaay better than mine.

However, as the poor car and I were being towed towards home, the tow truck driver mentioned that he did repair work. He said after the insurance company looked at the car, he would see what he could do as far as getting me a decent price. I mentioned about my beloved Mustang convertible, sitting garaged for a year because I can't afford the $1000 Pep Boys wants just to do a diagnostic to find out why the car was/is burning and leaking oil. I had stopped driving it last year rather than cause more damage.

Turns out this guy is a Mustang nut and he offers to look at it, for $60. He calls me last night with the news: for $600 he will do all the repairs that are needed, not only to fix the leak (valve cover gasket and head gasket were both leaking), but to get the car to pass inspection!!!

I'm getting my Mustang back!!! I am so psyched!

Once it's done, I'll wait a few weeks to make sure I'm satisfied with the quality of work he did, and then I will see about having him fix the T-Bird as well. My gods, we'll actually have 2 running cars again!!!
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awww sue!! You should have told me you had a mustang! My husband LOVES mustangs and is quite the mustang pro. He has as 87 gt that is his baby.

What year is yours?
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also, i'm glad you are okay I don't like driving in philly. It is way to scary for me! Having two running cars is great. Hubby and i were sharing my beetle for a long time and now we finally have two again and it is so nice.
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Way cool! I love mustangs too. I'd like a red convertable some day! Congratulations!
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Mine is an 83 dark red convertible with white interior and white roof. It's an LX, not a GT, but it still kicks butt. It's a 6 cylinder. I bought it back in 1999 for $2000. It had only 70k miles on it!

OMG it was so funny, when they opened the hood last night to look inside, a MOUSE ran out! I told you, it's been sitting in one place for a year! Someone made it their home!

I am soooo glad that it will be back on the road! Next thing I have to save for is a decent stereo for it, right now it still has the original AM/FM with the tabs that you pull out and push back in to set the stations!
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I'm glad you are Ok Sue - I'd also love to see pictures of your car Sounds cool!

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I am glad that you are okay most of all.

That is cool that you get to have the mustang looked at and fixed at a great price!
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