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cat meowing in the morning?!?

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we would love some help with our new cat, maya. we've had her for about one month and we love her dearly. early in our
stay with us we took her to get spayed and she has recovered very well. usually she is very quiet in the morning but for the past few days she has been meowing at our door (which we leave open for her to come in and leave as she pleases) until we get up and play with her a little. we are unsure as to what to do---it is tooooo early when she starts meowing and we want to be consistent with her and train her to quiet down.

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

thank you so much!
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Unfortunately you've already been training her that if she meows long enough you will get up and play with her, which is what she wants. As hard as it will be, if you don't want her to wake you up in the morning completely ignore her when she cries for playing. Invest in ear plugs if you must. She will soon learn that her meowing in the morning doesn't get the desired result - you playing with her. It may take a few nights, maybe even quite a few nights depending on how stubborn she is, but you will eventually get through to her.
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When she does this, do you get up and play with her? You could be reinforcing her to do that. If she gets what she wants, then she will continue doing it. You must ignore her and might think of getting a toy that cats can play with themselves. I believe it is Hissy that keeps recomending a box with ping pong balls in it. Get something that will entertain her, but let you sleep. Make sure she isn't meowing for a medical reason. She also might be out of food (if she free feeds). My cats does that now if I don't feed her right away. I now feed her before I go to bed. That way she doesn't wake me up early in the morning. How young is the cat? If it is still a kitten, then it is just dependent on you. That will go down as the cat gets older.
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thanks so much for your responses. she is 15 months and free feeds [bowl always full in the mornings!] and its been happening a few nights this week -- the feedback we're getting is the same across the board so we'll go with some earplugs and ignore her and hope that she'll not be used to us playing with her at the crack of dawn! it seems she'll grow out of it. thanks again! adam and maya.
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