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Ideas for a birthday gift for my 90 years old nana

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We're going to her place tomorrow evening to celebrate her 90th birthday and I just don't have a clue as to what to get her... What do you get a 90 years old lady? She's still lucid but her eyesight and hearing are not what they used to be. She doesn't go out much anymore either. She has a live-in maid that looks after her and my grandad (he's 94).

Any ideas?
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I just recently bought my 90 year old grandma a birthday gift and I got her a beautiful Lenox angel.
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Anne - what about some music or, if she has problems seeing, a tape/CD with a spoken story on it?
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I thought about a recorded story but I don't think she knows how to operate a cd or a tape... I thought about a nice ornament for the house as well. Thanks for the ideas!
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Anne, maybe you could put together a mini-scrap book of you, hubby and ron? Or frame a pic of the three of you? I usually find pictures make a wonderful gift.
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Just a thought...

I've gotten the best response from giving older relatives the gift of time & affection.

You might want to try writing a letter or making a tape talking about the influence she's had on your life and what she means to you. Maybe even enlist your family for their thoughts, too. Perhaps make up a scrapbook as previously suggested and add your thoughts and feelings to it. Or a picture of you & your family framed with your letter to her?

If you can, it's a great idea to spend some time asking her about her life and recording what she tells you for posterity, too.
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Gift cards for resteraunts, they can go out a bit and have a good time. No wrapper to throw away and no searching for a place to put it.
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How about a real aromatic flower bouquet. If she cant see them well she can still smell that they are there.
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A collage of family pics
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I was going to suggest a large bouquet of flowers, but I see someone beat me to it. When there is someone who has everything, I buy them flowers. I have never met a woman who didn't love getting flowers.
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Is it possible to treat your nana to a pedicure? My cousin took my 84 year old granny for one before she died... she ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT... kept showing off her toes (=
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i think a pedicure is a great idea!!

Or how about a home made treat. Like a pie or something else she really likes. Maybe a piece or jewelery. My grandmom collects angel stuff so she is really really easy to shop for!
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