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has anyone heard of a breed of cat called a "skookum"?? i saw then mentioned in the 2001 CATS magazine. they were described as "short bodies and short legged, outgoing, loves people" but i havent been able to find any brreders or furhter information. i am asuming this is different than a munchkin... i would appreciate any info. we have decided we have room for 1 more cat, and i'd like it to be a veri friendly cuddle bug...angel
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Skookums are munchkin-laperm mixes. Here's a picture I found on a website once.
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I have a munchkin but I think I'm in love

Maybe it's because I can relate to the short body and short legs (vertically challenged??)

If I could find one around here I'd have an 8th cat, no one could talk me out of it either (Rene, Michele and Sandie!!!)
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There are very few breeders that I know of. The Laperms are a fairly new breed and there arent even very many Laperm breeders yet. The breeders that I have heard of with the Skookums are toying with the idea. The breeder that I know is no longer breeding them, she has lost too many kittens.
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well that is a cute cat!!! this is soooo hard. if you all knew you could only fit one more cat, which breed would you choose?? i am also wondering how a skookum is different from a munchkin??? also sandie....how would you describe your munchkins?? i presently have a ragdoll and a "tuxedo". they have become very attatched to each other. i am planning on doing alot of research before i decide on my next kitten. angel
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Really the only difference between the Munchkin and the Skookum is that the coat is curly like the Laperm. I do not know about personality since I have never studied the Laperm.
Munchkins are just like any domestic cat only they have short legs. Given a good enviroment when born and raised(as with most cats) they have very outgoing happy personalities. They do everything a normal sized cat would do. They run,jump and play all the time. They usually only hit about 5 to 7 pounds so they stay kitten looking forever.
As for new cats. I love them all. I will be getting a Maine Coon Cat next year, but my very favorite it the Munchkin of course.
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The other difference is that a Skookum is not an accepted breed - Munchkins are not supposed to have any purebred cat in them - and a munchkin is not to be used to minaturize any breed. A munchkin is a short legged domestic cat - it is not to look like a Maine Coon, Abysinnian or LaPerm. At this time there are very few breeders of the skookums as there is a lot of controversy over breeding a short LaPerm. The LaPerm breeders are still trying to perfect their breed and get them recognized in the cat fancy. Pete, what is your take on the Skookum?
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thank you all for the info. but to be honest i am still not sure what i am looking for. i do know that i am going more for personality than looks. i will keep researching...thanks again.
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As cute as skookums are, at this point I would really rather see breeders of munchkins and laperms, not mixes. I'd prefer 2 strong breeds instead of 3 watered-down breeds. I'm not a breeder though so my opinion doesn't carry much weight.

BTW, I download all kind of cat pictures, but I don't make note of where I get them, so if a picture is from your website, give yourself some credit for it.
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I fully agree. I Don't think they should be crossing anything at this point. They are both fairly new breeds. Of course it would be nice if breeders would stop trying to cross a siamese with a munchkin but that wont happen either.
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I have to agree, also. I would not want to have a watered-down breed either. I sure wish I had room, money, etc. for 1 more cat. If I did, I would pay money this time and get a pure-bred instead of domestic so I could enter shows. I think that would be fun. I have 2 domestic. I chose one and the other I saved. I just can't stand the thoght of dogs and cats being put down b/c no one wants rhem. Anyway, If I ever get a cat again, it would be a British Blue, Korat or Russain Blue.
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You dont have to have a purebred in order to show... Most associations have household pet catagories (we like to call the household treasures). You can show your babies there get points, titles, and ribbons too.....

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Ken, Sandie, Michele, Donna and I all show Household pets at the shows - in fact that's how we all started. Five years ago all I had were domestics and we loved showing them - we still show them, as well as some of the purebred cats we now have. My Milo has been showing for three years now and is really doing well - if things continue on, he will be in the top five nationally this year as a household pet - remember that domestics are very special - they have usually been rescued from some type of situation and have blossomed under love and care to become beautiful, loyal and trusting companions - they deserve to be shown off too!
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