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Mixed Bag..

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Hello - Sam here a bit of a mixed bag, I'm afraid today!

Bad News First~
I have been staying at my friends the last 2 nights and today we went shopping and we were at the local shopping centre when suddenly her mum rushed up to her and said, come on we must go home now to her, because your poppa has just died, It was so sad, he had cancer and had been in hospital for months, but it was really sad

Next thing - As you know I breed Cats, and my friend(well Nana's age...) breeds Burmese cats and has just had a stroke, She's recovering but still very unstable...

And now for the good news- For those of you that have been following my thread in the Ferals & Rescue Forums, "I wanna Help" , well the NO kil shelter, I applied to volunteer for accepted and I can start helping soon I guess, It's really exciting, I have wanted to do this for ages and reading some of the stories at savesamoa. it has really inspired me , Wish me Luck!!!!!!!!1

Also - The Pedigree Persian Cat Club(My Club.. YAY) Is holding it's show this saturday It's the day when " Cat & Kitten of the year" get crowned .. , Wish my cats luck

Thanks for letting me rant!

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Hey Sam,

Condolences to your friend who lost her Poppa, and best wishes for your friend who had the stroke.

And great news about being able to volunteer! I read that post in the feral forum, and I know you were being prepared to be told you were too young. They must have realized how sincere and dedicated and mature you are!!! You will be able to make such a difference there! (Just like you do here).

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Thanks , I'll be passing those wishes on.

THANKS, I'm really so excited and I'm basically bouncing off the walls , I can't wait until they email me back

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Hey Sam,

Sorry about the bad news, losing a loved one is always hard even if they have been ill for a while. I just went thru it recently when my grandfather passed away.

But congrats on being able to volunteer! That is wonderful for you!
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Hey Daniela-

I'm sorry about your grandfather


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