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landing on the moon

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what do think about when we landed on the moon?? i never really thought much about it until i saw a program on tv the other nite, not even sure what channel it was on, but there were these 2 men that had some really really interesting things on there about how they could prove we never did get there, it was all staged by nasa, one thing was the clip with the flag being put up, well in the clip the flag is waving some, there is no wind on the moon it made me wonder. what do you think ?
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We landed on the moon. Period. The people who claim that it was a hoax have been debunked by a number of others. This is probably one of the best debunking sites:


badastronomy.com is a really cool website, and I recommend it to anyone interested in astronomy.

Here are some others:

The last directly answers the rippling flag question.
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The moon landing occurred.

Here's another site with a comprehensive focus on many of the questions that have been raised.

Moon Hoax Theories Debunked
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Here's an earlier thread about same that was in IMO.
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thanks for the links, it set my mind at ease, that made me sad to think we didnt but now i feel better , sorry i didnt see the other thread about this same thing
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That's ok, dougbug. I had to dig to find it.
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Tom Hanks made a documentary called "From the earth to the moon" that has like 9 parts on 3 dvd's. It is very informative and shows many perspectives. There was one part called "The wives club" and was an inside look at what it was like for them. I enjoyed the series very much!
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