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Would you?

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would you as a women get naked and run around and let a man shoot you with a paint gun? It is happening in the US I am just not sure what state it is in,but FOX new's did a story on this.It cost $5.000 to get the chance to do this.The women have to hide and if she is seen,she has the chance to get away.Or try to get away,and if she can't she get's shot,and back into the game she goes! She get's paid good! Not me,that is stupid!!!
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I saw that on the news last night, too. If the woman makes it through the maze without being hit, she makes $2500. If she's hit, she makes $1000.

Several points were made on the news which I thought were really important:

1. Paintball balls travel at a high rate of speed and can really hurt someone. In a regular paintball game, all the participants wear protection. But these women run around naked?

2. Some men may use this as a way to "blow off steam" (shooting a naked woman is blowing off steam?), but some men may have a hard time differentiating between fantasy and reality, and may end up hurting a woman for real. Now, I've been really mad at men, but couldn't imagine shooting naked men with a paintball gun to make myself feel better. It seems to me that this would draw men who are already comfortable with hurting women, or who have had fantasies about it.
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That is what a womem attorney said to night,I agree.and what kind a women would let herself be used like that?
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now in these days people just do any thing for a few bugs . I think something like that give women a bad light , and men think all woman are easy .
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The kind that need $2,500.00 and who believes nudity is fine. Pretty strange if you ask me-
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I think that is dangerous. Who is there to make sure no-one gets out of hand? VERY creepy.
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I heard on the radio it costs the guys 10000 to play and that they can sleep with the girl if they hit her
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it is $5.000 and yes he get to have sex with her,all the more sick! All the women who play are call girl's.
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Well, then the game has to be played in one county of Nevada if it's in the US because prostitution isn't legal anywhere else.

Having a great interest in serial killers and the psychology behind it, this type of "game" doesn't sound like a game at all to me. It sounds like a serial killer/rapist training school! This isn't just objectifying women, this is placing them in the role of a victim in the minds of these men. They are merely objects to hunt and then conquer. They shoot them then have sex with them? Do the girls lay real still after soaking in ice water too?

This isn't just strange, this is disturbing!
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I'm disgusted also. If this country is good at something, it is definitely in putting down the women even further back to before we had rights to vote in this country. T.V in itself has gotten ridiculous with it's 'reality' themed shows, with women and men getting closer to just having sex on t.v. without it being x-rated. RIDICULOUS! What the heck has happened to R-E-S-P-E-C-T for women in this world?!
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Originally posted by valanhb
[b]Well, then the game has to be played in one county of Nevada if it's in the US because prostitution isn't legal anywhere else.
Actually, if I remember from the news story, Las Vegas was mentioned so this must be in Nevada (besides, the clips shown were in a desert).
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i wouldnt want to be hit with a paint gun with my clothes on let alone off
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I love the game paintball - but it hurts enough to get hit protected, this is sick


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These people must not have actually been hit with a paintball yet. I got hit accidentally, and it hurt like mad, and left a huge bruise.
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Yup, I was thinking the same thing. I got hit by a paintball pellet a few years back playing Capture the Flag, and it bruised real bad! The bruise must have been there more than a month!

And that was under a few layers of clothing, I can't imagine it hitting bare skin! Owie!
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The women who do this dosent disturb me as much as the thought of what kind of man would want to do that? creepy!
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Snopes seems to think it might just be a publicity stunt:

Hunting for Bambi
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I think that the stuff on the website is fake, but the game is real. I heard about it on the news. Did anyone check out that pics I'm built better then that one chick
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