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I think any flavourings in the coffee ruins the natural taste of coffee.

I gotta have it black with no sugar.
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I like coffee most ways. With cream and sugar, with just cream, black or with one of the coffee flavors. However, the worst way is just sugar in black coffee - that tastes down right terrible! Any flavored coffee, I drink black.

I travel with my best friend and she knows that coffee must be the first thing on the agenda in the morning if she wants a pleasant traveling companion. She does not drink coffee. She says coffee drinkers are the only people that actually say "Ahhhh" after having their first sip coffee. She said tea or any other kind of beverage drinkers don't do this. lol
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Oh yes, I do say Ahhhhhh after my first cup early in the morning.

Ahhhhhhhhhh nothing like a nice hot cup of coffee!

Actually, I think my mother says ahhhhhh after a cup of earl grey tea
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Well I say 'ahhhhh' after something I can't post here
heee! heeee!

Kiwi! Yowzaas! You are a serious coffee drinker, I can't do that plain ole style, it has to have cream, preferably hazelnut and at least 5-6 teaspoons of sugar or more for me to drink it. I've tried cutting back to 3 teaspoons, I'm doing good, I used to put 7 tablespoons but cut back to teaspoons because my husband watched in horror when he saw me doing it and this was during my pregnancy. So I had to cut back Anyway, now its just a habit to do the teaspoons.

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Hmmmm....my grandmother taught me to enjoy tea with cream and sugar, and I still say "ahhhhh" after a first sip of a good cup of tea!

Or coffee - my main passion.
I love espresso with sugar, or black, and my coffee drink of choice since I changed the way I eat, is a breve latte (a latte made with half and half) and I make my cofee with half and half or have it black...I quit adding sugar except if it's part of my dessert - and then usually, I'd rather have my "sugar" part of something else so just don't add sugar to coffee any more.

If I'm really having a treat, I'll have (as a dessert) a hazelnut or vanilla latte

I also love cappucino's - again, no sugar.

Hmmm...time to go start brewing this morning's pot of coffee! (My usual breakfast is just coffee with my 2 oz. of half and half)
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Hey Dali! Thank you for the 'ode'!!! It wasn't cheesy, it was actually pretty good!!! Anyone else can take a stab at the poetry also if you like.

The best half n half if you want non-fat is Land O' Lakes, comes in a purple container. It is creamy nice taste and no fat And it doesn't upset lactose intolerant tummies. At least with mine it doesn't but I usually drink the hazelnut with fat. Sometimes I can't do low-fat, like my friend, she does low-sugar sodas, I'm thinking, unless you're drinking 12 of these things, why deny your body the sugar?! When it'll just come out anyway later on? I know I know, get a cheese-burger and a diet drink right?
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Ahhhh, JB, I see you found your avatar! It was right there, just waiting for you to get enough posts!

And did y'all notice the Google ads at the bottom of the last page?

Let's see what shows up here...

coffee tea coffee tea coffee tea caffeine coffee tea coffee tea coffee
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Yah!! I didn't notice my number of posts and then I saw and went to search for more, yippeee they had a perfect cup of java just for me!!!

And I just noticed the caffeine pill ads!! So funny!
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Okay, I think I finally found one that will suffice for now, its the Starbucks House Blend, but I don't follow their 'suggested' method of making it, I fill the pot up full and put only 5 tablespoons and it's pretty good and I still drink it late night and can go to bed I think if I follow their suggestion then it would be way too bitter and way too strong.

But I am still on the look for the perfect java or something different to try
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Let me know when you find it! I love a nice rich cup of java!
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