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Howdy everybody! I just wanted to post something that I love besides cat and my husband and son and that is COFFEE!

Anyone else feel the same way here? I'm an admitted javaholic! It was tough during the pregnancy to go cold-turkey but then I picked back on it when his pediatrician said that it wouldn't affect him if I had one or two cups. Of course, she didn't know that I used to drink the mega cups of coffee, not your regular 6-8oz cups.

Anyway, so I'm on this search for the best coffee, my husband and I got a new coffee maker from a friend of his and we are having a hard time finding a good coffee. Either I'm making it wrong, which I probably am, I like mine stronger than his, but there are so many flavors and brands out there. Any suggestions?

Here in Texas, the main popular stores are HEB, Randalls and Albertsons. I have tried HEB brand coffees, they are okay, Randalls is okay and the Albertsons isn't bad, I'm drinking right now a cup of their springmint coffee which is actually not bad, I mixed it with Maxwell's coffee. The main thing that my husband and I agree on is that we don't want too much acidity or a bitter after taste. Any suggestions or brands that you like or methods of making it? I currently put a tablespoon per 6 oz, but now I started putting one less tablespoon which is a little bit smoother in taste, meaning if I make 5 cups, then I just put 4 tablespoons of coffee. Anyway....

for coffee lovers alike, put down your thoughts, suggestions, favorite way of drinking your cup of java, etc....

Hurray for coffee! *sounds like the hurray for red beer commercial* LOL!
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Hey! Im glad to see a coffeeaholic like me here!

Thats the coffee making me hyper.
Actually, Im drinking an espresso. I too have the big cups

Can't live without coffee. Must have it.
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The kitties, dog and my Hubby all know not to even bother me until that first cup of coffee. I will sit in my coma for about 30 minutes with a cup of coffee. Then all of the furbabies will come around me when the see me go for that second cup. That is the only thing that will get in a civilized mood.
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Bill ALWAYS amkes sure that the coffeepot is set up, before he goes to bed. That way, if I get up first, the coffee will be made. If I don't get my coffee, I am liable to HURT someone.

The best coffee, on Earth, is Jamaican Blue Mountain. Locally, it costs about $32/lb. When I was in Jamaica, 5 years ago, I bought a one-pot package, for $3 and saved it for Christmas.

Millstone makes some good coffees. Their Breakfast Blend is a shake-up and wake-up brew. I like French Market New Orleans Style with chicory, too.
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I'm a javaholic too! My thesis advisor used to joke that everyone knew not to talk to me until I had at least one cup of coffee!

Personally, I love Gevalia's coffees, especially their Dark Roast and their Greco blend. It's expensive, but not as expensive as Jamaican Blue Mountain, which really is the best coffee in the world. We use Millstone at work, and I like their Breakfast Blend and their 100% Columbian.
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The Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee sells here in the mountains for $45
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
The Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee sells here in the mountains for $45
Yeesh...It's $32 a pound in Maryland. I could only afford 1/4 pound, and I made that last as long as possible...
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I have to have my one MEGA cup in the morning, with French Vanilla creamer.
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Yeaaa!! There are other javaholics!! Hurray for coffee (sounds like hurray for red beer)

I haven't tried Jamaican in a loooong time but thus far don't remember seeing it here in my town. Hmmmm...

So anyone else try the Gavelia? I have seen their website and wondered and pondered of buying one or two from them to try.

I'm a hazelnut creamer gal!!! What are ya's favorite creamers?
And I'm the kind that has more sugar than coffee so I'm not your average coffee conneisuer *spelling?*
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I like my coffee and my men the same way - hot and sweet!
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I love coffee, too. Gevalia is pretty good, they have a lot of varieties to choose from. Starbucks is sold in grocery stores here, and I like Border's blend. Do you have a coffee grinder? I like coffee much better when it is freshly ground.
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Originally posted by katl8e
I like my coffee and my men the same way - hot and sweet!
AMEN Sister!
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I like cuppachino and frappichino myself.
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Coffee is not a big thing of mine- BUT Tea is, I love coke as well.
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Coffee should be...
As black as night
As strong as death
As sweet as love

(A friend bought me a boomark with that on it. It's an old arabic saying).
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My name is Tammie, and I'm a javaholic. When I first came to this program, I had the hardest time with the first step: Admitting I was powerless over coffee and it was making my life unmanageable.

Here's my .02: Buy coffee beans and grind your own every morning. Nothin' like it! And preferable Starbucks. Starbucks is expensive but OOOOOHHHHH so good! A medium blend has the richest most flavorfull taste to me. If you don't want to spend the money for Starbucks, try the whole beans you can buy in the machines at the grocery store. There's one I think is called "Java" and that one is pretty good. But nothing beats grinding your own coffee fresh. Even the smell is addicting!
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Originally posted by okeefecl
Coffee should be...
As black as night
As strong as death
As sweet as love

(A friend bought me a boomark with that on it. It's an old arabic saying).
I love it! Having been married to an Arab I can testify to that arabic saying! They grind their coffee very fine, put it directly in the water and boil the hell out of it. Then they use the tiny little middle eastern cups that are the same size as a childs china tea set and dump 5 pounds of sugar in it! I like my coffee strong but HOLY COFFEE BEAN BATMAN!
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I have been a coffeholic since the age of three, thanks to my dear Grandpa, who would let me sip his coffee. I drink mine the same way he drank his; very light and very sweet. By the time I was in 6th grade, my mom was letting me have a mug of coffee with my breakfast, heck, she had one too.

It was sometime after I moved out on my own that I came up with the theory that I need a minimum of two cups before I face the world: one to open each eye. I still subscribe to that theory, of course with extra coffee and Pepsi throughout the day.

When I first graduated nursing school, I was hired for nights, 11 PM-7 AM. It was then that I learned I could drink a pot of coffee by myself, and still go home and go to sleep.

IMO the best coffee I have ever had, better than Blue Mountain or Kona, is Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. The Coffee Beanery sells it. Smooth as silk!
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Coffee is a food group at my house. I grind my own, too. I love Gevalia, but I don't want to put anything on my credit cards, so I don't get it any more. If anyone has a Harris-Teeter grocery store near you, the H.T. Trader's Columbian is almost as good as the Gevalia, at $3.29 a lb.
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We adore coffee. My husband is one of those who likes 4 shots of espresso in his starbucks orders <G>. For cost reasons and overall decent taste, we buy a 5 gallon bag of Pleasant Hill Farms gourmet coffee at Costco, works out to less than 4 cents per cup and it's very nice.

That said, best coffee we have ever had was a Gevalia limited edition coffee, don't recall name exactly but Jamaican and blue were part of the name..and it was about $27 a lb. Incredible coffee!
Something we will buy once a year as a treat.

I don't grind my own beans any more but think the coffee is better when you do...and I love our coffee maker, which features a separate espresso maker and foamer as well as the drip coffee pot.

I've always liked coffee, especially espresso since my family on my father's side is Sicilian, but moving to the Pacific NW just really exploded my use <G>.
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Hurray for coffee!! yes the first step is accepting and admitting that you are a javaholic!! Lets all give each other a group hug!

With that said, wowzas!!! Mzjazz, yes, the arabs drink their coffee and teas super duper strong!! I didn't know this till I met a few from morrocco and watched how they made their stuff. It would put Starbucks out of business I think Yowzaas!!! Maybe that's why I prefer mine a little stronger.

And for those who love tea, I love tea. When I first met my hubby, he's from Bangladesh, he asked me if I wanted a cup of tea. I thought it was strange because in our family, we only drank tea during the winter. Anyway, he then asked me if I wanted milk in my tea. I looked at him horrified, and said 'WHAT ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?!' and he laughed at my 'ignorant' self. I told him 'Are you copying the Brits?!' of course back then I had nothing to do with 'brits' because I was a texan and we texans don't put no dang milk in our teas. LOL! Anyway, I tried it and loved it ever since. By the way it's not your typical Lipton tea, nuh uh, this is straight up indian tea that is much stronger and has a better taste and more caffeine in it! You can buy these teas at indian markets and sometimes asian. They started selling one that is really popular called PGtips, in texas, or at least here, there is a store which is owned by HEB, called Central Market *more for the vegetarians and hippies like me*, anyway, they've started selling the PGtips.
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I don't like Starbucks - too bitter. I love Kona and I like it strong. Nothing worse than weak coffee. I walk around in a fog until the first cup of coffee works its magic. I have a cappacino maker at home and on Saturdays I make myself a cup or two.

We have a drive-up coffee place here in my town. You don't even have to get out of your car. They use Seatle Brand Coffee which is very good and smooth.

I also agree that there is nothing like freshly ground coffee for the perfect cup of black gold.
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Originally posted by Nora
I don't like Starbucks - too bitter. I love Kona and I like it strong.
Wow I'm suprised to hear you say Starbucks is too bitter! I think just the opposite! That's why I like it so much. I like my coffee strong too. My father always has to delute his coffee when I make it! He says the stuff I make will grow hair on your chest.
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My hubby isn't a fan of Starbucks either, I am though, I'm a caramelmacchiato junkie and have to have it even though as of late I'm getting my once a month fix A lot of my friends complain though about their coffee being bitter, I guess it's all in the taste buds and preferences! I'm drinking another cup of coffee but it's this brand called blackmountaingold, which they sell in individual serving packages for 99cents, which makes about 8-10 cups. This is the hawaiian one and it's a bit bitter even after I put in my hazelnut creamer and 7 teaspoons of sugar. Still on the search for good coffee. Who else is a javaholic? What ways you like your coffee, creamer, no creamer, sugar, no sugar, etc, which brands you like, etc....

Hurray for coffee!
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MMMmmmm....I'll have to run down to the Central Market & find that PGtips stuff now. I love hot tea, and with milk, too!

I've been trying to give up coffee because it makes me shake - I can't drink just one cup, I always end up guzzling it all day then twitching like crazy.
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LOL!!!!!! The twitching thing is cracking me up!!! Yeah, if you can't find it, ask them, they should know by now what PGtips are, it's in this white box with a drawing of a indian lady who is picking the tea leaves, which I just went to see if there is a website and there is, hmmmm...got some reading to do, seems to be a UK tea! Anyway, here is the website:


which they admit on it that they changed the outside design, so it seems the lady may not be there anymore and they made the packaging easier to open....you just need one bag pop it in the microwave for however long, I usually brewed mine for a long time before drinking it. Also, if you want to make a pot of it, with several bags of this stuff, add a few pieces of cloves, two cardamoms and one cinnamon stick. It's good stuff!!
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There used to be a coffee shop a couple of miles from where I live that had a special they called "A Shot in the Dark", which was a shot of espresso in their Dark Roast coffee. Guaranteed to bring you from zzz to AWAKE! in one sip!
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I soooo agree..fresh ground is the best. Starbucks Breakfast blend is good. we are well known as "coffee people" here, my 16 year old son is the new junky in the house, irish creme creamer and a touch of sugar for him, my bf takes his with whole milk, an mine is chocolate creamer and an ungodly amount of fake sugar...but we make the coffee too strong for most other folks to drink, my sister swore that last time she had a cup of ours she didn't blink for 3 days!
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An ode to my dear addictive friend:

Your the first one I want to see every morning,
you always perk me up when I'm feeling lazy,
you give my brain a buzz when it's feeling hazy,
Your always there to warm my hand or
chill me out when the weathers hott,
I love you dear coffee,
I think I'll go make a pot..............

Ok, so it was cheesy. BUTT I'm due I haven't been around lately.
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NO milk/cream/creamer. NO flavorings. If I want a hazelnut/orange/cinnamon/coffee MILKSHAKE, I'll go to Dairy Queen.
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