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Cat picture's.

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Does anyone (besides) me take picture's of your cat's and print them and put them in frames?
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You bet! I have way too many photographs of all our girls. I put some in frames and some in scrapbooks. Then, after a while, I'll put new ones in the frames and transfer the previous ones into the scrapbook/photo album as well. They're always doing cute new things or in adorable poses so I'm constantly running for the camera - you'd think by now I'd have it with me all the time.
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That sounds like me! I don't like to keep them on the computer in case of a crash!!
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yes i do, i also carry one of those little photo books to show them off . i am getting a dit. camera at the end of this month, so when i get it and learn to do it i will show them off here on the board to you and all the rest, cant wait
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I do that also. I keep all of the pictures on cd's in the event of another harddrive crash and burn. That happened to me back in May thankfully I was able to get all of my wedding pictures off the computer before the complete and final end of my harddrive
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Since I don't have a digital yet, I do take lots of photos of my furkids and actually have the actual photos. I have 2 frames, but am adding another one soon. I've got a double heart frame that holds two pictures. In one of the hearts I've have a picture of Mimi (my beloved deceased kitty...I miss her so much!) and the other heart has a picture of Bud & Echo playing when they were just wee ones. I don't have a frame for Tiki's picture yet...but I'm planning on doing that very soon.
I'm glad too see I'm not the only one who does that! People already think I'm cat crazy...I could only imagine what they'd think if they seen all the pictures!
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you can get nice frames at the dollar tree,for a buck!
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I have a picture of Ivo on my entertainment center at home, as well as one posted up on my corkboard at work. Most of the rest are on Imagestation. I think my friends are sick of looking at Ivo!
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Me too! I have tons of framed photos of Harry and Maggie. I actually give framed photos of my cats to my family members as holiday gifts!! Well, they are my "babies" ya know!
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i have scapbooks of my two fellas and the number of scapbooks are growing though..they seem to be growing cuter by the minute and you just have to arm yourself with the camera in case of any cute moments..i'll be trying to get a digital cam soon so i can load it up onto the net for u guys to see...
i put their photos in my wallet too and i will show them to people who i meet and love cats..they would go like " she's so adorable!!" well, they are my darlings!
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Absolutely! Since I have the digital camera, most of my Spike pictures stay on my pc, although I do back them up to CDR just in case I lose everything on my harddrive.

I also have them printed either by going to Walmart and using the Kodak machine, or by sending them in to eframes to have them made. The Kodak machine is cheaper though because I don't have to pay for shipping that way. When my printer actually worked properly, it printed the pictures decently, but once the printhead got clogged for the third time, I just gave up on printing them out myself.

And along with the cat frames (probably about 10 or so now), I also keep a photo album of his pictures.

What can I say? I have no children besides him.
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