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Storing canned food in the garage?

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I bought several 24 packs of canned food in the fall 09. I was keeping them in the garage. It's not heated or air conditioned in there. Since they are in cans, is this alright?

I'm thinking I should just throw them out, better safe than sorry.
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Ok, I admit I'm more careful about the kitties' food than my own - but I store my canned in my kitchen cabinets. I don't know what your expiration date is on the cans, but in my area, the garage is subject to a lot of fairly extreme heat and cold (Chicago), and I'd be scared.
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As long as they are not expired or bulging I would use it. I store all the canned in garage and the dry in the house in a corner. My garage is heated but the storage area is not. No ac. I have 20 cases out there and rotate the stock so they eat the older food...not sure it could ever expire in my house tho
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I agree with catsallaround. Before the food ended up in your garage, it sat in a huge warehouse with poor temperature regulation. It then was transported on a truck without temperature regulation. It then sat at the grocery store's warehouse, which has poor temperature regulation. Like a garage, all of these environs are subject to the whims of the weather depending on season.

It's canned food. Unless it's bulging, it's fine. Keep in mind that the above scenario applies to dry food as well. That, I think, is scary.
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I would check for an expiration date as most canned food s expire roughly 3 yrs after manufacture
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Bulging cans have been mentioned but don't feed rusty ones either. I have actually had tins roll out of the bag in the vehicle, and they froze. No bulges, rust, or leaks and they smelled fine, just the texture was altered a bit.
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Thanks for the replies. None are bulging or rusty. They expire in 2012.
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