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Cat resentful to New cats

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Me and my roommate went to an Adoption Center and got a 7-8 week old kitten. About a month later, we got 2 new cats. One was about 9-10 weeks old ,the other a little 6 week old. Well after a week or so the cats got use to one another. They no longer hiss at each other or run away. Well I have had cats before when I lived with my parents, we had 3 and I remeber they would always sleep together in one big circle. Now Eclispe (10 week old Female) and Tiger (6 Week old Male)will lay with each other, but Buffy (Our orignal cat, 9 Week old, Female) will not lay with them. In the bed Eclipse and Tiger are balled up together on one side and Buffy is on the other. Just yesterday I was on the couch and Tiger and Eclispe were laying with each other but Buffy went into the window seal to sleep. Do cats always sleep with each other? Does Buffy resent them?
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I've had cats in the past that slept together all the time, but now our 3 cats do not sleep together. Charm sleeps with me, Lucky sleeps with Kevin and Kitty usually sleeps in the dog bed downstairs or on our chair. I wouldn't worry too much about it if they are all getting along well and still play together. Maybe Buffy just prefers to sleep alone. Just my thoughts from past and present experiences - hopefully others will shed more light on this. Good Luck to you!
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Some cats, just like humans, like their personal space. Some cats are just not as group oriented as other cats. She could just be a bit more independent. I wouldn't worry about it.
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Do cats always sleep with each other?
heavens, no!
They may get more chummy with time, but it sounds like she wants to be near them, just not TOO near.
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some cats just like to cuddle and other cat don't. sometime neo will cuddle with moemoe, sometimes he will cuddle with sebastion, it just depends. They change moods
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