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Space shulttle

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Now they are saying the crew had time to know they were going to die! How sad! When I go I want it to be quick and no pain!
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That is terrible, knowing that you may die. I hope they didnt though.
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The whole space shuttle tragedy is extremely sad, I think we can all agree on that. But at the time when the shuttle exploded, NASA did not have a good idea of why it happened. If we knew then what we knew now, about how the shuttle was badly damaged, I think that a rescue effort would have been very dangerous for all involved, including the astronauts on the Columbia.

It's too horrible to think of that the astronauts knew that they were going to die. But, I think that all of the men and women in our space program are aware that each mission carries a great deal of risk. I like to think of what was said when the Challenger exploded (very badly paraphrasing here)-that the astronauts aboard the ship reached out and touched the face of God.
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It is so sad!
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I've been following the progress of the investigation through New Scientist. The whole thing has been sad.

I always believed that the crew knew that they were going to die as I doubt that they would have been oblivious to the fact that their shuttle was heating up at an alarmingly high rate. They may have been the least experienced team sent up in recent times but I firmly believed that they were well trained.

A rescue effort would have been highly dangerous as the International Space Station at the time was not equipped to handle such a crisis.

Hindsight is a bittersweet gift. It shows us what we could have done in place of what was done. We should only use it to prevent future tragedies, and not to increase the guilt and pain felt.
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Four of my cats are named after astronauts.

Challenger: Ellison, (Ellison S. Onizuka) and Judd, (Judith Resnick, I thought this cat was a female. It was on the fifth trip back to the vet that the vet tech asked the vet to check to see if he/she had the proper equipment and he did. Opps, however he does challenge my alpha female for position.)

Columbia: Andy, (Michael Anderson) & Ilan, (Ilan Ramon). Ilan is my FIV positive stray that I took in. He had disappeared for about two months after I took him down and got him fixed. I was certain that the coyotes had gotten him. Three days after the Columbia went down he showed back up again. I couldn't believe it. This cat is so intelligent and intuitive it is eerie. And he is doing fine, no symptoms.

I would have gone on either flight, even knowing the results. It is interesting about both shuttles. I don't know if it means anything? Both were five men and two women, both included an African American and a Jew, (just noting these as they continuing first achievements, and both had a passenger.

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