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How can someone NOT want this?

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I was up all night tending to Racer and I was sitting in the comfy chair this morning, feeling a bit overwhelmed at my recent plate helping of Life. Kabota comes running into the room, and leaps on my lap. As I absently stroked his fur, he must of decided that he didn't quite have my full attention. So he started squirming up my chest. He licked my nose, and head bumped my chin. When that didn't get the results he wanted, he wrapped his paws around my neck and tucked his head under my chin. His purr motor was buzzing. He rubbed his face all over my neck and then snaked his head around and started giving my ear a complete cleaning! LOL The little scamp, he is something else. I finally focused on him and gave him is full body rub and we sat there for quite awhile until he fell asleep agaisn't my shoulder.

I hear about these people who "hate cats" and I have seen unspeakable things done to these gentle felines and it boggles my mind. How could you NOT want such unconditional love? The soft fur against your neck, the warmth of their breath on your face, the companionship they offer? Something must be seriously lacking in folks who would not want to enjoy such comfort. As intuitive as Kabota is, he is really my mood swing. He can sit on me and in 5 minutes, my mood has swung over to one of gentle love, giggles and smiles, no matter what else is sitting on my plate for that day.
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Hissy: I must agree. I'll never understand anyone who "claims to HATE cats"

And I will NEVER TOLERATE anyone who abuses them (or any animal)

Now matter how much I hurt or how futile the day seems to be; a few minutes with my "Precious Babies" calms me down. . . .

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I'm the same way, no matter what it going on in my life, my cats are always able to lift my spirits and lighten my heart. there IS something wrong with people who torture/abuse/kill animals.
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I think someone who claims to not be a "cat person" just hasn't had the good luck of having a cat in their life. I know I grew up with a dog and loved him. So I always thought of myself as a dog person. I didn't know why anyone would want a cat. Then, once I had two children, I got a kitten because I wanted a pet for the kids, but I didn't want the hassle of having a dog. What do you know, I was a cat person afterall! (I'm still a dog person too and have a black lab who I love.)

I can't understand anyone who would hurt any kind of animal, not only cats.

Thank you Hissy for that beautiful story.
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Ever since I was little I've always loved animals. Those people are too modern. Only those of us who have tender hearts know the pure joy our cats and dogs bring us. After all how many people will bring in the paper for you? They are smarter. Do any of you believe that having an animal such as a dog or cat will lower cholesterol and have happy lives? I do. I love my baby. I kiss his face and hug him and tell him how much I love him. Does anyone think I am crazy?
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Nope Nena, you're not crazy. When my Dad passed away 4 years ago, I was sitting in my chair sobbing because I had just lost my best friend. My cat Casey climbed up on my lap and starting licking my face. That just made me cry more that an animal could be so smart to know that something was wrong. He then put his paw on my cheek and nuzzled his head under my chin. I still didn't stop crying. He gave me a love bit on the chin as if to say "Enough already, get over it!!" and ran into the other room.

I was always a dog person growing up. My daughter 7 years ago convinced me to get my first cat. It was love at first sight for me and Mollie Rose(she was 10 weeks old and a tortie). It's something about that little motor inside that melts your heart and calms you down. I can't get enough of them now.
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No matter how bad of a day I had a work, I know I can go home to all my animals and will be loved! They are always happy to see me and know just what to do to make me feel good. They always make all of the stress of the day go away. There is nothing better than the love of a cat (or cats)!
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Oh Hissy your story is so sweet!!!! I too cannot understand why anyone would not love cats. I saw a bumper sticker on a truck that was parked at the grocery store the other said....
I love cats. Dead ones.
I wanted to wait till they came out and ask them why they could be so cruel, and tell them that it offended me....but then I figured, they wouldn't care what I thought, and probably would be pleased their stupid sticker got such a response. So I didn't do it.
Donna.....your post almost brought me to tears!!!! I know exactly what you are saying!!! Animals can feel our emotions more so than humans can! A few days after my dad died, I went outside, late at night, and sat by a tree and bawled, and looked up into the sky and just bawled!!!!!!!!!!! And suddenly, there was a nose nuzzeling it's way under my dog, Scruffy, who is a mutt, and lives up to his name....he licked my face, and looked at me with those big brown eyes, and he KNEW I was sad!!! And then not long after i had several cats surround me, and rub up against me, and I felt SO loved, it made me bawl even harder!!! They just looked at me, like....what do we do? Why are you so sad?
And nena....I don't think you are crazy at all.... I kiss Merlin on the nose, and tell him I love him and talk baby talk to him all the time. He is my only inside cat....and he was born about a week after dad I named him dad's name was Merle.
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Debby; I just LOVE you!! Your posts always touch me.

I enjoyed everyone of you who posted to this Thread. . . . .

We all share different stories, but the same reason, for Loving our cats.
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Darlene....I you too!!! Thanks!!
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